Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. (FPC) and Incentax, LLC Announce Partnership Streamlining the Employee Retention Credit Process

Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. has partnered with Incentax, LLC to provide analytical studies of employers' prior payroll history to recover Employee Retention Tax Credits for Forensic Payroll Consultant's clients.

For more than a decade, Incentax has been a leader in recovering underutilized tax credits for businesses in not only the employment tax area but also general business tax credits. "We are very excited to work with Incentax," said Andrew Lopez, CEO of Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc. "Teaming up with Incentax gives our clients and existing referral partners one entry point to discuss the ERTC qualification process and perform the forensic analysis all on a contingency basis. More importantly, the partnership provides FPC clients a complete end-to-end solution providing the review, analysis, and amendment return function all through one engagement."

"FPC is a fantastic partner offering insight on complex payroll tax issues for business owners and entrepreneurs. We're excited to work with FPC and their clients," said Nojan Boloorchi, CEO of Incentax, LLC. "It is our area of specialty to help business owners and entrepreneurs with what we do best — uncover tax credits. In connection with FPC, our combined team reviews an employers' prior payroll tax history to qualify them for the employee retention credit which frees up owners to focus on their businesses while we work with the Internal Revenue Service."


Forensic Payroll Consultants works with small to mid-sized employers to bring their current and prior payroll tax issues into compliance. FPC works directly with the employer or their payroll processing representative to resolve delinquencies in prior periods so they become compliant going forward. In addition to these services, FPC also offers payroll reporting and payroll tax reconstruction, amendment processing to all jurisdictions in the United States, training to start-up payroll companies, state payroll ID registration, and wage base tax recovery due to a merger or acquisition. To learn more, contact FPC at or For additional information, contact (562) 371-5325.


Incentax is a tax incentive consulting firm that assists businesses with tax minimization through the application of various government credits and incentives from Employee Retention Credits to Research & Development Tax Credits. To learn more, contact Incentax at or For more information, contact 626-768-1212.

Source: Forensic Payroll Consultants, Inc.

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