Foremay to Ship Ultra High Speed PCIe SSD Drives with 12 TB Capacity

Latest EC188(TM) D-series PCI Express solid state drive is in volume production with read/write speeds up to 4.0/3.8 GB/s and capacity up to 12 TB

PASADENA, California - Foremay, Inc., a leader of technology innovation in solid state drives and one of the world's Top 10 SSD OEMs, today announced volume shipping of its EC188 D-series PCIe SSD solution with standard PCIe card host interfaces. The EC188 D-series PCIe SSD product line is designed for high speed, high IOPS, and high concurrent access servers and workstations with x4 PCIe, x8 PCIe or x16 PCIe slots. The EC188 D-series PCIe flash hard drives have ultra-high speeds up to 4.0 GB/s for reading and 3.8 GB/s for writing in hexa bus slot configurations. It also has ultra-high IOPS of up to 250,000 for both read and write. Its hexa bus slot configuration brings the capacity up to 12 Terabytes, or 12,000 GB.

"EC188 D-series PCIe solid state drives are bootable SSD solutions with no external power requirement," said Jason Hoover, Foremay's VP Marketing. "The D-series PCIe SSD supports various server and workstation operating systems including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and selected Unix systems."

Application examples for EC188 PCIe SSD drives include:

- Cloud computing servers
- Database storage such as Oracle, MySQL and SQL Severs
- 3G/4G Wireless Mobile Content, Mobile Video/TV and Mobile Internet Systems
- High Performance and High Reliability Banking Systems
- High Responsive Real Time Processing Servers for Stock / Security Exchanges
- I/O Dense Servers/Workstations such as Mail Servers, E-commerce Servers, Data servers, Online Gaming Servers, Web Hosting Severs, and Video Streaming Servers
- Recording/editing/transmitting of film, HD video, and HDTV
- High Concurrent Reading Systems such as Commercial IPTV and VOD Systems
- High Concurrent Writing Systems such as Public Security Surveillance Video Recorders
- EAD / IC design simulation, extraction and verification
- High Speed Enterprise IT Systems and Data Centers
- Fault Tolerant Applications
- High Speed Data Acquisition and Collection
- Medical Imaging
- Scientific Research
- 3D Imaging and Modeling

EC188 D-series PCIe SSD Availability

EC188 D-series PCIe SSD drives are now shipping in volume from single bus slot to hexa bus slot configurations. For more information about specifications and pricing of the EC188 D-series PCIe SSD, please contact

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Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2002, Foremay, Inc., is a leading company dedicated to technology innovation in Solid State Drives ( SSDs ) for high-reliability mission-critical computing, industrial computing, enterprise computing, and high-end personal computing. Foremay's vision is to bring to market high reliability, high ruggedness and high performance solid state drives with "Green Initiatives" in mind. Foremay is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. For more information and product details please visit

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