For Upcoming Release Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins Offers Cameo Opportunity to Backers!

Stringy and Mopy is a story filled with adrenaline pumping adventure enclosed in the pages of a comic book. To make this book a reality, its makers need funding of $500 with a unique opportunity to feature backers in cameo roles in their comic.

Stringy and Mopy is a story about a werewolf and a superhero with unusual twists and adventure that is guaranteed to keep readers at the edge of their seats. The story of the comic revolves around the failure of Mopy to save his mom from getting kidnapped following which, he takes help from Stringy to not just save his mom but the world at large that faces an ancient evil hellbent on raising an army of the undead to exterminate the human race.

The backers who contribute $10 or more will get the opportunity to get a prominent cameo and also appear in the poster of the Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins comic. In addition to this, backers willing to contribute upward of $20 will get cast in supporting roles. Not just that, they also get to choose what kind of character they’d like to be in the comic with designs sent to them for their approval.

For backers who contribute $25, the creator of this comic series, Raleigh Daniels Jr. will send them a signed copy of the comic. The Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins is just the first in upcoming series of comics that Raleigh plans to release.

The campaign needs a backing of $500 on or before March 26th. One can contribute to this campaign and guarantee a cameo or supporting role in Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins by visiting this site:


Name: Raleigh Daniels Jr

Email ID:


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