For the First Time in Over 12 Years, the Domain is to Be Sold in Auction

For Sale:

Trump & Escovar at NBC red carpet

 Hollywood entrepreneur Fernando Escovar announced today that he is finally placing his domain up for sale.

Ironically, Escovar’s initial interest in the URL had nothing to do with the celebrity reality show host now turned President. “Trump is a term used in Bridge,” Escovar said. “I wasn’t even thinking of Donald Trump back in 2004 when I initially acquired the domain.”

Escovar, who owns and manages several entertainment sites, including, also has a few card-game websites. “I totally forgot I owned it,” said Escovar, “Then, suddenly, things began to go crazy.”

Escovar, who has met the GOP nominee several times during red carpet events, has not yet heard directly from Trump’s camp, but if any interest, he would be happy to have a conversation.

“I’ve sold a bunch of domains over the years and so I know how much they’re worth,” he said.

Open bidding begins today via

Escovar has plans to continue to expand two of his other primary channels: FabTV™, which covers red carpet, award shows, movie premieres, original productions and has exclusive sit-down interviews with the biggest celebrities; and MarvelousTV which celebrates all things related to the Superhero, lifestyle and enthusiast culture. Both channels are currently distributed globally via their YouTube channels and local syndication.

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