For the First Time Design Agency Enters European Fintech Awards as TOP3 Innovative Banking Company

This year, 413 European companies were nominated for European Fintech Awards TOP100 that was held April 14 at the ABN AMRO Head Office in Amsterdam. For the first time boutique design agency - UX Design Agency entered TOP3 in category of Innovative Banking Software, and was exclusively selected to present their approach at Fintech Awards 2016.

In the world there is a technological revolution, and financial industry is no exception. World's economy is rapidly  increasing  volume  of  electronic  payments,  which  already is dominating. Major European  banks HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, DNB, Banco Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays during the last month announced plans to close more than 1,000 branches.

Experts predict that by 2030 Sweden becomes the first country to completely become cashless economy. Therefore, to  identify  Europe's  most  advanced  and  innovative  technology  companies  in  finance industry European Fintech Awards  was established.

In 2016 for European Fintech Awards TOP100 were nominated 413 companies. 30% of all nominees were from the UK. On the basis of votes, from over 55.000 FinTech enthusiasts and judge decisions, TOP100 most interesting fintech companies in Europe by 9 categories were selected.

UX Design  Agency  on  the  results  of  public voting  and  jury  decision  was  included  in  the  TOP3  of  European companies  in  the  category - Innovative  Banking  Software, competing more than 40 other fintech companies.  UX Design Agency, is the first and leading boutique agency delivering user experience design for online financial services: banking, fintech, insurance, trading, payments, etc.

The  innovative  approach  of  UX  Design  Agency  takes  into  account  business  and  technological opportunities  and focuses  on the  needs and behavioral  patterns  of users. As a result, company makes digital banking interfaces and other financial startups customer-centred and frictionless. UX Design Agency service is in demand among banks and fintech startups from Europe and the United States.

About UX Design Agency:

UX Design Agency ( is leading boutique agency for financial interface design. UX Design Agency helping online banks and fintech startups to engage their customers with delightful user experience through user-centred design.

UXDA combine design with scientific approach based on cognitive psychology to ensure solutions that delight customers and solve their problems. UX design firm provide worldwide solutions, for financial services operating in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Tel Aviv, London, Chicago, Seattle, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Stockholm, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc.

UXDA team would be happy to make your online service design simple and clear. UXDA professionals are experienced in digital banking, fintech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans and charity. UX design company service includes usability/business/customers research, information architecting, ux strategy, ux consulting, ux architecting, user journey mapping, web ui design, mobile ui app design, tablet ui design, wearable ui design, ui prototyping, testing.

Source: UX Design Agency for Finance