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Simon-On-Site is Projection's new Help! button that presenters and meeting planners can press when they need audiovisual/tech support in a breakout room


Projection, a national audiovisual company, today announced its Help! button, Simon-On-Site, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to world-class customer service. With a quick push of the button, a presenter or meeting planner can alert the AV team that help is needed, and within moments, a technician appears.

Simon-On-Site Help! buttons were used at ASAE’s Annual Meeting in August. In one breakout room, when the presenter pressed the button and a technician responded, the attendees broke out in cheer.

“The traditional model of having members of the team walk around the hallways – and putting the onus on presenters to find them – wasn’t addressing issues quickly enough,” said Karen Cuviello, corporate vice president, Projection. “One of our values is ‘client-first,’ so we set out to design a tool that enables both meeting planners and presenters to seamlessly and easily get the support they need in real-time. We intentionally kept Simon-On-Site simple; there is no need for training or any level of tech expertise. It’s literally pushing a button.”  

How it works

Projection leveraged cutting-edge Cellular and Cloud-based IOT technology to design this completely stand-alone solution. Each Simon-On-Site button has its own lithium battery power supply and built-in 4G wireless modem, so clients don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi connections or plugs in the building or breakout rooms. That means there is no additional cost to clients for Wi-Fi or any network configuration; the buttons are a complimentary tool to enhance the customer service experience.

Given the stand-alone nature of the buttons, clients who are having smaller meetings can use the tool for a direct line to their tech team. On the other side of the spectrum, meetings with dozens of breakout rooms can put a button in each so every presenter in that room throughout the conference has real-time access to an expert.

While many of the meetings Projection supports do have dedicated technicians in each breakout room to support presenters and ensure flawless in-room execution, not every meeting or client require it. For these latter events, Simon-On-Site is an ideal solution to ensure presenters have near real-time support when they need it.

Cuviello continued, “At Projection, we aim to execute flawless events, and having presenters and attendees sit in a room and wait for tech support is anything but flawless. We are proud of our nearly 50-year history of exceeding expectations, and will continue to look for ways we can enhance our clients and their attendees’ experience at Projection-supported meetings.”

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Projection is a privately held national audiovisual company with numerous convention center contracts throughout the US, including the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hawaii Convention Center. Projection offers total presentation solutions for conventions, meetings and professional events. We strive for standards qualitatively and quantitatively above the competition. Projection’s services include audiovisual equipment, computers, custom stage designs, production management for general sessions, digital signage, webcasting services, conference recording and much more. For more information, visit

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