Evergreen Podcasts Adds Four Heavy-Hitting Podcasts to Extensive Roster

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All new to Evergreen Podcasts: tales from the Kennedy dynasty, untold presidential history, a tech entrepreneur on a mission to prevent companies from failing, and a creative conference. What do these eclectic offerings have in common? They deliver fresh storytelling, uncommon accounts, different perspectives, and listening that ignites ideas. 

This spring, Evergreen Podcasts introduces Greyt Big TalkKennedy DynastyTech-Entrepreneur on a Mission, and Presidencies of the United States

"We're thrilled to roll out new series that enhance our rich content menu on Evergreen Podcasts' History Channel and Business Channel," says David Moss, Chief Creative Officer. "From interviews with creatives answering the question, 'What's important to you?' to sit-downs with software CEOs who share what it takes to make a mark in the industry, our new Business podcasts are loaded with insight you won't find on the bookshelves or in magazines. And the addition of more intrepid storytelling to our History Channel will hit the spot for this growing audience."

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come this season: 

Greyt Big Talk is a multi-disciplinary creative conference and podcast series designed to inspire the next generation of artists and entrepreneurs. Host and producer Thomas Fox leads the lecture series of personal stories and lessons from creatives as part of his overarching independent arts collaborative, Greyt Culture"I like to find people who do exceptional things and let them talk, hear their perspective. It helps others to find their paths," says Fox. 

Kennedy Dynasty was born from a night of random Netflix documentary selection in host Alyson Holland's dorm room. It triggered years of research for the marketer-turned-podcaster, then an Instagram account that went viral. Now, Kennedy Dynasty podcast shares stories about the family's dynamic appeal, call to public service, and notable accomplishments. Holland interviews guests like bestselling author Dan Abrams, and Stewart McLaurin, who is president of the White House Historical Association. "Alyson has a passion for sharing history with all generations in an engaging way to champion the Kennedy legacy," Moss says.

Presidencies of the United States with host Jerry Landry is a deep dive into the history of the nation's commanders-in-chief. From the George Washington days to the present term, Landry examines the people and events that often fly behind the radar but are contributors to the success (or failure) of each presidency. "Landry brings a lifelong interest in American presidential history and his communication-tech prowess to this engaging podcast," Moss says. 

Tech-Entrepreneur on a Mission with host Ton Dobbe showcases interviews with B2B SaaS (software as a service) CEOs to find out what it takes to create a business the world starts talking about. Dobbe is the founder of Value Inspiration and author of "The Remarkable Effect." "I envision a world where we solve the biggest problems faster because more SaaS Startups gain traction sooner," he says. Given that 90% of startups fail, based on research, Dobbe wants to address SaaS scale-ups that need traction.

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