Footwear Study Reveals Data Proving the BOA PerformFit Wrap Improves Runner Speed, Stability, Efficiency on Trail Terrain

Dialing up benefits in trail shoes, BOA Fit System offers runners performance gains from 1.5 to 9%.

BOA PerformFit Wrap, Speedland

BOA®, creators of high-performance dial-based fit solutions, unveils a trail run-specific footwear study that scientifically proves the BOA® Fit System and its PerformFit™ Wrap improves athlete's speed, stability, and efficiency on varied trail terrain, over traditional laces.  

The BOA Performance Fit Lab, established in 2018, has conducted over 2,000 scientific tests and has now published three white papers validating the performance benefits of the BOA Fit System — specifically, the application of the BOA PerformFit Wrap. The micro-adjustable BOA PerformFit Wrap configurations achieve athlete gains in speed, agility, and endurance by integrating the shoe upper to wrap and conform to the midfoot, delivering superior heel lock, enhanced connection to the midsole, and greater forefoot freedom. 

The latest peer-reviewed BOA white paper published by Frontiers, titled "Evaluating footwear 'in the wild': Examining wrap and lace trail shoe closures during trail running" highlights the performance advantages of the BOA PerformFit Wrap. Athletes who participated in the study experienced significant enhancements in trail running performance and confidence, including: 

  • Increased Speed & Endurance: Achieved up to 1.5% faster speed with the same level of exertion. 
  • Improved Stability: Experienced a reduction of up to 7% in ankle rotation velocity, resulting in enhanced stability and consistency. 
  • Efficient Energy Transfer: Improved connection to the midsole and enhanced heel hold by up to 3%, leading to optimized energy utilization. 
  • Explosive Direction Changes: Demonstrated up to 9% more efficient change of direction, enabling rapid acceleration and deceleration. 

"Our objective is to collaborate with our brand partners and elite athletes to combine rigorous scientific testing, innovative product design, and robust development support, to create highly successful, high-performance products that seamlessly integrate the BOA Fit System," said Dan Feeney, Ph.D., BOA Senior Director of Partner Product Innovation and Development. "The findings from our most recent white paper reinforce the significant benefits of integrating BOA, particularly the BOA PerformFit Wrap configuration, in high-performance trail shoes and translates to other performance products across a range of activities, including court sports, road running, training, hiking, snow sports, and workwear."

Trail runners can further elevate the benefits of the BOA PerformFit Wrap with dual-dial BOA configurations. These configurations offer micro-adjustability to multiple zones of the shoe's upper, providing a secure fit tailored to the unique foot shapes of each athlete and increased space in the toe box — particularly beneficial for maintaining a natural foot position during longer distances. 

"BOA is non-negotiable at this point," stated Dylan Bowman, BOA Athlete and Professional Ultra Trail Runner. "Fit is everything. I wouldn't help design or run an ultra in a trail shoe without it." 

BOA creates high-performance fit solutions that enable athletes to get "dialed in" and achieve peak performance. For more on the Performance Fit Lab and White Papers, visit

Source: BOA Technology

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