Footscray Residents Prepare Their Plumbing for Winter

As the summer sun slips away and Victorians start spending more time at home, many will experience an unwelcome guest this autumn season. Blocked drains are an all-year problem, but as people start cooking more at home, hosting big Easter dinners and washing away fallen leaves through outdoor drains, this is the season where plumbing problems really hit home.

NLK Pumbing Melbourne

 One plumber in Footscray, NLK Plumbing, states that several things could cause blocked drains. Whether it's too much food going down the drain, a hard object slipping in unnoticed, or even tree roots blocking your pipes. It's good to get a professional to check it out.

With blocked drains in Melbourne, there is always the potential for flooding. If there are any warning signs of blocked pipes such as a bad odour, slow draining toilets and basins or overflowing outdoor drains, homeowners should immediately get in touch with a plumber.

If blocked drains in Footscray and surrounding areas aren't dealt with immediately, the backup of water could overflow, flooding houses or businesses. In this case, a small, blocked drain could cause costly damage to the house. In some cases, it can even permanently damage structural supports.

NLK Plumbing advises against at-home remedies such as chemical products and drains snakes. These may push obstructions farther down the pipes and, in some cases, can even damage the drains further. Calling a professional is the way to go when dealing with this type of complicated plumbing issue.

While we move into the colder seasons, local residents may also find themselves in need of other plumbing assistance. Hot water repairs in Footscray & Melbourne are an essential service at this time of year, ensuring that homes and businesses are properly set up.

It's always safe to assume that winter will be rainy and cold in Victoria, and many have their heaters running whenever they're at home. According to NLK Plumbing, servicing these systems in preparation for winter is a good idea; otherwise, homeowners may be stuck without hot water when a cold snap hits.

When Autumn weather hits and Victorians head indoors to spend their weekends and evenings dry and warm, they should also be aware of proper plumbing maintenance. With good care and knowledge of warning signs, prepping for winter can be easy.

Source: NLK Plumbing