Football Fan Given Unique Birthday Gift

A devoted football fan has received a unique birthday present after his Mum changed his name by deed poll to match that of his idol.

Liverpool fan Jack Crookes had his name legally changed to 'Jack James Steven Gerrard Crookes' for his 16th birthday present.

The school pupil, who has just completed his GCSE exams, is a huge Liverpool and Steven Gerrard fan and his Mum, Jane, said she just knew it was a present he would love.

Jane said: "It is all quite innocent really. Jack is a really big fan of Steven Gerrard and also a massive Liverpool supporter.

"He came home from school after his GCSE English exam and one of the questions had asked him to write about his most memorable day.

"He wrote about Liverpool winning the Champions' League and how well Steven Gerrard had played.

"Then we were watching James Corden's 'World Cup Live' programme and Steven Gerrard was on playing golf. I was looking at Jack's face and it was just filled with pure admiration for him.

"I then said to him, 'I've got the most fabulous idea - why don't we add Steven Gerrard to your name for your 16th birthday?'

"I think I must have been having a moment of madness but I did insist he kept Jack and James as his first names and he said he really wanted to do that.

"He is over the moon with his name change. It's a memorable present and it didn't cost me the earth so we're all really happy."

Jane enlisted the help of the Legal Deed Poll Service, the leading online deed poll provider, to make the name change a reality. Last year the LDPS changed the names of two Big Brother Housemates, Freddie Fisher and Sophie Reade, to Halfwit and Dogface respectively. The company also helped Christine Hamilton change her name last year to Mrs British Battleaxe.

The new Jack James Steven Gerrard Crookes said he was delighted with his new moniker.

"I love it. It's the best present I have ever had. He's an inspiration to me and I love having my hero in my name. I'm the biggest Steven Gerrard fan - he is the best footballer in the world.

"I've been watching him for years and just think he is the most fantastic player - when he scored his goal against Olympiakos in the Champions' League I cried.

"My mates think it's hilarious. A few of them simply don't believe me but I've got the certificate to prove it and the forms to change my name on my passport. I'm going to use it on everything."

Jamie Jackson, Chief Executive of the Legal Deed Poll Service, said: "We were delighted when this name change came in during the World Cup. Adding a name to your existing one, without losing your original identity, or changing it completely is a great idea for a birthday present.

"We hope Jack's new name will bring him lots of good luck and that it'll be a good omen for Steven Gerrard too, now that he's leading England in the World Cup."

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