Food Safety Consultant Launched Resources for BRC Documentation Packages

The Food Safety Consultant team has launched resources for readymade documentation packages on BRC Packaging issue 5 and BRC food issue 7 certification. The soft copy of readymade templates is covered in these document packages to helps food organizations worldwide in preparing accurate documents for implemented BRC systems.

World's leading consulting partners for Food Safety Consultant has launched resources to their popular website for readymade documentation packages on updated standards, BRC food Issue 7 and BRC packaging issue 5. BRC has revised BRC food issue 7 and BRC packaging issue 5 standards in 2015 and in short period of time GMG has launched readymade documentation packages on BRC Certification both for food safety issue 7 as well as packaging issue 5. The link resources of both products are included with FREE BRC templates on website, that helps clients to understand requirements of the standards.

BRC global standard for food issue 7 and BRC global standard for packaging and packaging material issue 5 were developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in January 2015 and July 2015 respectively. The newly launched BRC documentation products can be used as ready reference tool that competence with all the requirements for verifying implemented food safety management system as per BRC global standards. The BRC Global Standards -  BRC food safety Issue 7 and BRC packaging Issue 7 are suitable for suppliers of Food and packaging materials, food manufacturers as well as all the organizations involved in chain for supplying food products to the customers.

The Readymade BRC documentation packages are approved and used by food manufacturers throughout the world during BRC food certification, especially by those organizations supplying British retailers. These documents cover resources in editable word formats that include BRC Manual, procedures, templates, HACCP documents, food safety policies, sample forms, SOPs, work instruction, and audit checklists etc. Both the BRC documentation packages are available to purchase in complete editable format, so one can easily use it by adding their company name, logo etc. to accelerate documentation process and saves maximum time.

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