Food Processing Distributor Nelson-Jameson Expands Quality and Safety Compliance Department With Four New Roles

Expansion ensures meeting the highest standards of food safety and regulatory compliance

Nelson-Jameson Announces Quality and Safety New Hires

Nelson-Jameson, a leading food processing distributor with roots in dairy production supplies, has expanded its Quality and Safety Compliance Department with four new positions. The roles were created as part of a strategic expansion to accommodate Nelson-Jameson’s rapid growth in regulatory services. The department has a strong customer service focus and its expansion aligns with increasing customer demand for regulatory guidance around food safety and timely support. 

“Nelson-Jameson’s regulatory experts bring an unrivaled expertise to food manufacturing operations,” says Mike Rindy, President of Nelson-Jameson. “These roles are of paramount importance to the entire organization and our customers to safeguard the workplace and make sure the highest safety standards and compliance are met.”

The new roles and employees are: 

  • Heather Wucherpfennig – Senior Manager of Organization Development: 
    Heather brings extensive expertise to her role, including demonstrated leadership in customer account management and human resources. She’ll oversee all aspects of the Quality and Safety Compliance Department and lead internal education initiatives to provide employees with relevant, consistent, and accurate training.
  • Josh Sabo - Safety and Hazardous Material Program Coordinator: 
    Josh's main responsibilities center around site and personnel safety program development and is of unsurpassed importance to the entire organization. He will ensure the efficacy of the safety programs and update or create policies designed to maintain safe worksites. Josh will also oversee the hazardous material housed at Nelson-Jameson’s distribution centers, in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Thong Vang - Quality Assurance Program Coordinator:
    Thong’s focus is partnering with customers on quality documentation requirements. Nelson-Jameson works with hundreds of customers and suppliers to ensure the most current and relevant product information is available. The company has more than 20,000 documents in its ingredient compliance library alone. As such, the quality assurance program and this new role are crucial to safe and compliant operations for Nelson-Jameson and its customers. 
  • Stephanie Weichelt - Quality Coordinator: 
    In this newly created role, Stephanie will complement the Quality Assurance Program Coordinator role, assisting with administrative duties based on customers’ safety requirements. 

“I am proud of the hard work and commitment that Josh, Thong, and Heather demonstrated to achieve their well-deserved promotions and am delighted to welcome Stephanie to the team,” says Wendy Johnson, Director of Safety and Corporate Compliance at Nelson-Jameson. “The Quality and Safety Compliance Department is a cornerstone of safety and compliance for both employees and customers, and Nelson-Jameson will continue to adhere to exemplary benchmarks.” 

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Nelson-Jameson is a fourth-generation, family-owned distributor to the food processing industry. From the company’s roots in dairy production supplies, it has expanded to offer a broad range of food processing products and services that help food and beverage organizations operate efficiently with the highest quality, food safety, and compliance standards. The company represents more than 1,000 vendors, distributes more than 78,000 curated products, and employs more than 260 people nationwide. The food processing industry leader also operates NEXT Logistics, a transportation arm that provides delivery services from its Wisconsin, California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Texas strategic distribution centers. 

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