Food Business Vaccine to Support Food Culture

Eatance App has launched the Food Business Vaccine to revive restaurants and small food businesses with the help of Free Online Food Ordering Website.

Eatance Food Business Vaccine

Eatance is an on-demand mobile app marketplace, providing best-in-class Food Delivery Solutions & Custom Mobility Solutions to overcome the traditional business challenges by increasing outreach, driving promotional activities, engaging customers with better tools to scale-up their sales has now come up with Food Business Vaccine.

What is a "Food Business Vaccine"?
COVID-19's outbreak impacted food businesses devastatingly, affecting millions of livelihoods as nearly 400k restaurant jobs were lost in December 2020 as per 

However, the online food delivery market continues to upsurge with expected growth & reach up to 154.34 billion in the US, as per Businesswire. Direct customers outreach, business opportunities with on-demand & cross-selling, increased profit with automation & lesser labor-cost are three main reasons for growth in digital, on-demand food delivery business. 

Vaccinations help the human body's immune system to fight against Coronaviruses. Similarly, a feature-rich Online Food Ordering Website will help Food Businesses / Restaurants / Foodpreneur / Chef / Food-truck / Cloud Kitchen / Meal Kit providers to sustain, stand back, and scale up their sales. Essentials Features like Order-Direct, Multiple Promotional Offers, and a Mobile-first Approach turns out to be Food Business Vaccine. 

Why is "Food Business Vaccine" needed?  
According to Statista, on June 2, 2020, the global year-over-year drop of dine-in customers was 25.59%, compared to 2019. This percentage had fallen to 81.74% in 2021 whereas, online food delivery increased by 67% globally, with the US leading with a 123% increase. 

Eatance offers a free food ordering website to encourage restaurants to go online. The no-cost food ordering platform acts as a vaccination for food entrepreneurs and allows food businesses to increase sales and improve engagements. 

How Does Food Business Vaccine Help Scale-Up Sales? 
The free Online Food Ordering allows customers to order food from an interactive digital menu, maintain customer loyalty and save up to 35% from the checks, which restaurants lose to online food delivery platforms. Following are the features is offering.

Unique Features It Offers- 

  • Stunning Mobile-Responsive Website
  • Multiple Promotional Features
  • Customizable Menu Products with Add-ons
  • Order Management Admin
  • POS: Add Order from Admin & Print Invoice
  • Event Booking-Packages
  • Engagement & Loyalty Features
  • Customer Reviews-Ratings
  • Self Hosted Platform
  • Server Maintenance
  • Tech support, and many more.

Post Coronavirus's devastating impact, several businesses are growing through digitalization and innovation. It's time to act and take steps towards digitalization in food and restaurant businesses. EatanceApp took a pledge to generate 50k new jobs by helping foodpreneurs digitally. Join the digital revolution by owning a Food Ordering and Delivery Platform.

EatanceApp, with the vision of empowering entrepreneurs, is a brainchild of a thriving Tech Giant Evince Development. EvinceDev has delivered more than 1200+ IT projects with an incredible 97% success ratio.

Source: Eatance App (EvinceDev Initiative)

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