Follow My Vote Releases Pending Patent on Secure Online Voting System

Technology company Follow My Vote has released Intellectual Property covering its patent-pending architecture for a secure end-to-end verifiable blockchain-based voting system.

Faith in the democratic process is nearing all-time lows. There is widespread infighting going on in the voting space between those who are all for adopting modern technology and those who are not.

The newest voting methods have been analyzed and Follow My Vote has detected issues of concern that need to be addressed before such methods are implemented on a mass scale, as the solutions being proposed expose at least as many risks and vulnerabilities as the systems currently in use.

However, by leveraging modern technology in the right way, Follow My Vote believes that honest and verifiable elections are still possible.

In light of this, Follow My Vote is releasing into the public domain its pending patent for a secure online voting system, as a gift to humanity, in an effort to further the conversation on finding a solution to securely conduct verifiable elections online. For more information, visit the official post covering the release of its IP.

"With our release of this IP, we're really hoping to spark a new era of innovation in the voting space and foster collaboration between the technology vendors that exist. We also hope to encourage a new wave of potential competitors to enter the voting arena and work toward building secure online voting solutions with true integrity," said Adam Ernest, co-founder and CEO, Follow My Vote.

Follow My Vote aims to develop open-source blockchain-based voting software that supports early voting from mobile devices and provides immediate transparency into election results by allowing voters to independently audit the ballot box to ensure that election results are honest.​ Follow My Vote is currently open to exploring partnership and/or collaboration opportunities.

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