Folio3 Wins the EMEA Partner of the Year 2021 by Oracle NetSuite

Meet the Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year 2021 (Regional Alliance of the Year EMEA)

Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year 2021 - Regional Alliance Partners EMEA

Folio3 was crowned as the Partner of the Year 2021 for the EMEA region by NetSuite at the latest NetSuite 'Regional Alliance of the Year' event.

The virtual event took place on Nov. 30, 2021, where alliance partners from different regions were invited. During the event, representatives from NetSuite spoke about different strategies for partner engagement and how partners can better showcase their offerings.

Alliance partners were given guidelines on how they can align much better with NetSuite Alliance and sales teams to serve customers much better. NetSuite also announced new initiatives that are geared towards training partners and their employees so they can serve clients better, clearly understand needs, and ultimately develop insightfully crafted solutions.

NetSuite announced winners for different categories for different regions. Alliance Partners were awarded in two categories: Breakthrough Alliance of the Year & Regional Alliance of the Year. These were then classified into subcategories geographically, such as Africa, the Middle East, Europe, etc.

Folio3 was named the EMEA Regional Alliance Partner of the Year at the event. The award was the biggest one announced at the event, for exceptional services provided to clients across the EMEA region, as well as the U.S. Folio3 was praised for its solution and service quality, attention to detail, and tight synergy with client and NetSuite teams.

Simon Tillotson, The NetSuite Alliance Director, EMEA region, said at the announcement:

"Folio3 has always put the needs of its clients first. Their dedication is visible not just in implementation quality but also in the solutions that they develop for our clients. As our top partners, not only in the U.S., but the UK and the Middle East, their highly skilled teams have aligned closely with each alliance management in the territories in both emerging and mid-market sales, and have guided and supported throughout the sales cycle."

About Folio3:

Folio3 is a tier 1 NetSuite Alliance Partner that has been working in the NetSuite space since 2008 and has been assisting NetSuite sales teams to close deals in the US, UK, and ME. Folio3 offers full-spectrum NetSuite services to its customers, from implementation, integration, customization, to custom development.

Folio3 also offers a suite of pre-built NetSuite integration solutions for the most popular marketplace, e-commerce platforms, payment processors, CRMs, 3PL, and more.

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