FOEX Expands European Coverage to the Slovenian Market

FOEX GmbH announces partnership with system integrator Abakus Plus, to extend the reach for its main solution, the FOEX Plugin Framework - an Enterprise Rapid Application Development tool designed for Oracle developers.

FOEX GmbH, the Austrian based Oracle APEX company, and leading Oracle system integrator, Abakus Plus, today announced a partnership meant to bring the FOEX Plugin Framework to companies on the Slovenian market.

The partnership is part of FOEX’s Partner Network program which allows a wide variety of vendors to collaborate with FOEX on the delivery of innovative solutions to companies who use Oracle products for their internal processes such as Oracle Forms, Oracle ADF or Oracle APEX.

We are proud to partner with Abakus Plus” said Peter Raganitsch, Chief Executive Officer of FOEX GmbH. “We believe this partnership is a perfect fit for customers who need the right tools to smoothly migrate from their existing legacy systems or need to develop enterprise-level web applications in a fast, easy and reliable way without increasing their IT budget.

Legacy systems and large complex applications require a lot of code customization and time spend on maintenance tasks which shifts your IT department’s focus from handling what is really important and could potentially help grow your business.

The FOEX Plugin Framework virtually eliminates the need for writing custom code, thus reducing maintenance time and by partnering with Abakus Plus, companies in Slovenia can now get access to this set of powerful plugins and increase their internal productivity.” added Markus Lauda, Director of Sales for FOEX GmbH.

We are excited to become a partner of FOEX Gmbh. With the use of FOEX Plugin Framework we will be able to extend our services with current and new customers.” said Aljaž Mali, IT Solution Architect at Abakus Plus, d.o.o.

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About Abakus Plus

Abakus Plus are leaders in implementing Oracle’s newest products on the market. The company is specialized in building HA systems for Oracle and OSS infrastructure, while also building their own brand of InfiniBand and iSCSI SAN storage systems, clustering and/or virtualization nodes, backup servers using the latest technologies available.

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About FOEX GmbH

Established in 2012, FOEX empowers developers to build feature rich and visually appealing data-oriented web applications on top of the Oracle database without the need to write code. The plugin framework developed by FOEX can significantly reduce the complexity of developing and maintaining enterprise web applications, thus lowering IT costs and increases efficiency.

FOEX helps customers to build the best products imaginable without the overheads from traditional software development. To learn more about FOEX, please visit

Source: FOEX GmbH