Focus Organisation Channels Energy Into 2017 Milestones

The year 2017 has brought unbridled success for Focus Organisation's network of contractors. These individuals' on-the-ground presence has raised significant awareness for socially good organisations.

“In reflecting on the year, I must say that the independent contractors in our network have certainly achieved many of their professional goals,” stated Joe A., Focus Organisation’s owner. “These accomplishments are noted in the activities and awards we have collectively achieved this year.”

Growth has been on the forefront for Focus Organisation in 2017. “We expanded our operations into new areas this year,” Joe explained. “We also extended into new partner divisions as well.”

The company has been recognised this year as marketing company of the year for their collective accomplishments. “Each business contractor has shown steady progression in their professional journeys. Monthly coaching options have also been solidified so that each independent consultant has the resources and knowledge needed to forge their own path toward starting their own enterprises. It’s easy to see the confidence they’ve acquired as they network with individuals throughout the country.”

"In reflecting on the year, I must say that the independent contractors in our network have certainly achieved many of their professional goals,"



These consultants enjoyed wonderful trips to exotic locations across Europe because of their efforts. “Some people went to Portugal for an all-expenses-paid rest and relaxation adventure that allowed them to bask in the Mediterranean sun,” Joe said. “Others headed to France to enjoy a ski vacation as well as to Poland. Each of these travel experiences provided both pleasure and networking opportunities.”

Focus Organisation Owner Discusses Plans for 2018

As Joe noted, the emphasis for 2018 will be to continue to bring Focus Organisation’s business model to new markets and attract new businesses. “Without doubt, we plan to expand again into various regions of the United Kingdom,” he said. “Along with this expansion will be numerous opportunities for ambitious individuals to embark on a professional opportunity through which they can take full control of their achievements and advancement.”

“This is a community in which people can learn and grow,” Joe said. “This unique approach to business sets people on course to one day own their own enterprise. In 2017, we saw individuals who took full advantage of the learning resources and achieved the professional and personal growth they desired. We look forward to seeing them doing the same in 2018.”

“Each day is a chance for someone to find kindred spirits who share an ambition to take control of their achievements,” Joe concluded. “I believe the upcoming year will allow us to share how we do things with others and be impactful in our work.”

About Focus Organisation:

Focus Organisation is laser focussed on revenue growth through effective customer acquisitions. The network of experts is filled with people who know how to connect businesses with new markets to aid their growth. They generate results like heightened awareness, conversion rates, and bottom-line returns. The outstanding outcomes they foster far outdo anything outdated methods can produce. This community of young professionals flourishes because they learn the ins and outs of growth-focussed outreach solutions from one another. This is a supportive atmosphere through which people can hone their talents and stretch their potential. Expect results from an action-oriented community. Learn more by visiting

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