Fly Today, Future Leader of Online Travel Agencies in the Region

Fly Today Travel Agency

Fly Today is an online travel agency that has never stopped growing and continues developing to become the leader of online travel agencies in the region soon.

But why does this company have a good position among the travel companies in the region?

Good Stats on International Flight Tickets Sales and International Hotels Reservations

Last year, despite the Covid-19 outbreak, border closures, and travel restrictions, the company sold well on international flight tickets. According to Fly Today's statistics, Istanbul is at the top of the airline ticket sales table, followed by Dubai.

In the same year, many hotels were booked on Fly Today too. According to the statistics, Istanbul hotels are more booked than other cities and Dubai is in second place. 

As the end of the pandemic approaches, travel is expected to rise greatly and the upward trend in airline ticket sales and hotel reservations will be maintained on Fly Today.

Good Stats on all Airlines Flight Ticket Sales

Considering the share of Fly Today's sales of tickets for each airline, this online travel agency has been able to be at the top of the list of online travel agencies in terms of selling airline tickets for each airline. Among these airlines are Turkish, Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar, Aeroflot, Austrian, Fly Dubai, Salam Air, Pegasus, etc.

Booking More Than 1.5 million Hotels Worldwide

The variety of accommodation facilities is one of the prominent features of Fly Today. This website has more than 1.5 million options for accommodation in different cities of the world. From five-star luxury hotels to villas and apartments, any space can be booked on

Fly Today Was Active During the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the outbreak of Covid-19, traveling to many countries and cities was banned. In this condition, flight tickets and hotel reservations were canceled and caused a lot of damage to tourists. At this time, Fly Today was the only company that paid all the expenses to its customers. Maybe that's why customers trust this online travel agency.

Both Customers and Employees

Respecting customers' rights, Fly Today provides them facilities and tools to have a good experience of online flight tickets and hotel booking. Tools such as price calendar, price chart, and latest price notification help customers decrease their travels expenses. Instant ticketing and issuance of hotel vouchers, online cancellation, and 24/7 support are also valuable services of this online travel agency.

In addition to all this, employees also have a special class in Fly Today. To date, the company has had good growth in attracting specialists and its number of employees has grown by 100% since the Covid-19 outbreak. This company did not have even one firing during the Covid-19 Pandemic and all employees have continued to work in it.

Source: Fly Today

About Fly Today

Fly Today is offering +900 Airlines and connects you to over 2.000.000 accommodations with competitive rates in your key markets worldwide.