Fly Fleet Llc: Improving Air Travel With the Crowd Source Revolution

Hacking Air Travel, Together. Check out Fleet on the Apple App Store! With the new FLEET IT! feature, travelers send delay information about ticketing and TSA security delays to other travelers. Get information on stores around you, the airport, and your airline.

​​​​​Typical air travel apps get their data about delays from computer systems run by the FAA, airports, and airlines, in combination with data from GPS and beacons. But sometimes the delay information that these services provide are not up-to-date and can even be wrong. They also don’t include key information, like security and ticketing line delays, problems with the flight, and the accommodation available across different airlines and airports. As a traveler, you are often left to wonder:

How long is my flight delay really? How long will the security and ticketing line be? When should I leave for the airport? What foods and stores are available to on the trip? And, what should I do in the unfortunate event of a delay or cancelation?

"Flight delays and cancellations are rampant during the holiday and winter seasons, so whether or not your plane is actually going to take off is a common concern. Fleet, the "air travel assistant app," is here to solve that problem for you." (MyDomaine) "There are lots of air travel apps on the App Store but none can match the visual design and intuitive approach offered by Fleet. This app is not only useful; it also offers a unique interface that makes it easy to use." (AppPicker)

Daniel Gartenberg, PhD, CEO of Fly Fleet LLC

As psychologists, we designed Fleet to be able to answer these questions based on a well supported finding from the trust in automation literature: people trust other people more than computers and robotic systems. So Fleet simply asks people who are at the airport to report airport conditions. By crowd sourcing this information using our new “FLEET IT” feature, Fleet finds out from people who are at the airport what the ticketing and security lines are like. Delay information then gets sent to other travelers going to the airport, helping Fleet users know with confidence what to expect at ticketing and security and how much time they have.

We are building a community around solving this air travel problem and trying to reduce that anxiety that people feel from not knowing what is around them and what is coming up next. When traveling, you often cannot foresee a number of important things beyond just the lines at ticketing and security. Things like when you can get your next good meal, if Internet and power outlets will be available, and when you can expect your flight to land. Since airlines and airports are constantly changing, getting key insights from a community of travelers can make flying more easy, and maybe even fun. But Fleet still needs people to use the app when traveling to the airport or picking up a passenger. And people also need to provide the app with information.

We imagine creating a system where everything that you need to know about your flight, the airport, and the airline is provided by Fleet travelers. When data from Fleet travelers are combined with our own research, Fleet can then tell users the best shops around them at the right moments, such as when there is a delay or if you are at the airport with plenty of time to spare. So try out Fleet and help us build a product where people can engage with one another at the airport in real-time – making air travel the engaging, positive, and social experience that it can be.

About Fleet
Founded by a team of psychologists, designers, and computer scientists as a graduate school project. Fleet is a new virtual air travel experience that combines crowd-sourced updates with commercial flight and airline data to get travelers the information they need when and where they need it. Help us revolutionize air travel! Learn more at

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About Fly Fleet, LLC

Founded by a team of psychologists, designers, and computer scientistsFleet is a virtual assistant app that combines crowd-sourced updates with commercial data to get travelers the information they need when and where they need it.

Fly Fleet, LLC

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