Flutterbuck! Social Network Meets Business Marketing

FlutterBuck is bound for major growth and success in the home-based business industry as well as the Group Buying industry. Our technologies will reflect commitment to success in these industries with only the best possible technical solutions.

Flutterbuck enters the explosive new market trend known as Deal a Day websites with a twist that positions FlutterBuck into a role of competition that just might give the trendsetting leader a run for their money.

Groupon has quickly become known as the father of Deal a Day websites and this trend is nothing short of amazing.

Although there are many sites that are springing up to capture a piece of this new market, none have really come close making a dent in the Grouponics world.

There are a couple of teams that have made a slight impact and the main competitor has just been bought out by Groupon - CityDeals.com, a European spin-off that now resides under Groupon ownership.

Flutterbuck is the only Deal a Day website that has a Network Marketing platform, meaning that they are sharing the profits with their membership. Considering the fact that Groupon is currently clearing one million dollars ($1,000,000) profit per week, this is raising eyebrows amongst leaders in the network marketing industry and individuals looking to capitalize on this exciting phenomenon.

Although Flutterbuck is currently in what is called "pre-launch" stage, they have already positioned themselves with a strong management team, technology team and marketing leaders with proven backgrounds from the industry. Further, by combining Deal a Day and Network Marketing, it looks to be the first network marketing business model in the history of network marketing that has customers actually beating down the doors to buy the products. Traditionally in network marketing, affiliates push products onto their friends, family and acquaintances.

This is not the case in a Deal a Day business model because customers actually promote the deal to their contacts via social networking to ensure that the minimum buyers to make the deal happen sign in and commit to buy. Customers are literally beating down the doors to buy the products because they are offered at such a huge discount over retail, and these are the same products and services that are available right in their local areas for twice the price and more.

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