Floyd County Installs Fonroche Solar-Powered Streetlights

Powerful Illumination on a Par with Grid-connected Systems

Solar Street Lights on Innovation Parkway

The Floyd County Redevelopment Commission and Floyd County Board of Commissioners recently had solar-powered outdoor lights installed at Novaparke in Georgetown, as well as in the parking lot addition at Kevin Hammersmith Park in New Albany, which was approved by the County Commissioners to meet the parking needs resulting from high usage of the park. The cost of the new lights was covered by Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) funds.

Because these new lights are 100% solar, they provide powerful illumination on a par with grid-connected systems with no ongoing utility costs. Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures, they are maintenance-free for the first ten years, with a remote control and monitoring system.

"These environmentally-friendly lights are an excellent investment for Floyd County," noted Floyd County Commissioner Shawn Carruthers. "As the cost of solar lighting has decreased and battery life has increased, this alternative for illuminating our outdoor spaces has become more economically feasible. This newer technology represents good stewardship on behalf of Floyd County taxpayers, providing immediate cost savings compared with regular parking lot lighting connected to the electrical grid. Especially for Novaparke, where we are exploring a wide variety of green, sustainable and energy-efficient materials and building approaches, these lighting systems make sense for Floyd County as we work toward creating a more sustainable and cost-efficient infrastructure."

The new lights were designed and manufactured by Fonroche Lighting America, part of Fonroche Lighting, the global leader in off-grid solar street lighting. "More than a decade of international experience in the fast-evolving solar lighting world gives us unequaled knowledge," said Fonroche marketing director Ilze Greene. "Which we can share with Floyd County from design to installation to service. We continually push the boundaries of solar lighting technology in all areas that matter—including battery life, temperature tolerance, system design, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. We're proud to partner with Floyd County for cost-effective, sustainable outdoor lighting solutions."

Source: Fonroche Lighting America

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