Flotation Machine Can Meet the Performance Requirements of the Flotation Process

Flotation machine can meet the performance requirements of the flotation process

Flotation Machine can be used to separate nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, heavy metal, nonmetallic mine, chemical material and recycling minerals. Each chute can inhale gas, sink magma, separate. No assiting equipments are required, and Flotation Machine must be levelly installed. Flotation Machine is easy to change the flow chart. The cycling way of magma is very reasonable. Flotation Machine can reduce the impurities to a great extent. There is automatic equipment on the magma surface, easy to adjust. The impeller also owns the upper and lower retroversion blade. The upper one makes the magma cycle upward, while the lower one makes the magma cycle downward.

Flotation machine has many same characteristics with other machines, such as reliable working, wear-resisting, low power consumption, simple structure and low price. It also should have the special requirements like followings to meet the flotation requirements:

1. Well inflatable role: Flotation machine must guarantee a certain of air amount be absorbed or pressed into the ore pulp and disperses in all the slot. For the air can be dispersed more finer and more uniform, the contact between the ore grains and air bubbles will be more so that the flotation efficiency can be higher.

2. Mixing role: Flotation machine should have well mixing role to make the ore grains suspension and distributed in all the slot uniformly. At the same time, the machine can promote the solvation of some hard dissolved agentias, which is in favor of the full function between the agentias and ore grains.

3. Circular flow function: In flotation machine, the circular flow of ore pulp can make more contact between the ore grains and air bubbles. Get Ceramic Ball Mill,Ball Mill,Beneficiation From http://www.flotation-machines.com