Floss Bar Announces Mobile COVID-19 Testing Services

Floss Bar, Inc. is a leading provider of workplace health care services and is announcing the addition of mobile COVID-19 testing to the service lines of its subsidiary, Med Bar, LLC.

“As the pandemic has taken an immeasurable toll on our country, we pivoted our resources to focus directly on assisting employers with their back-to-work plans. They cannot just tell everyone currently working or those who will come back to work in the next couple months to ‘go get a doctor’s note’ and could be exposed to liability if they leave it to chance. Twenty-five percent of infected people may even show no symptoms, and this is a highly contagious respiratory virus,” said Founder & CEO, Eva Sadej.

Floss Bar is now offering workplaces a combination of finger-prick and nasal-swab tests to give employers direct access to testing. Employees are able to receive results within 30 minutes. Floss Bar’s physicians order their COVID-19 tests from multiple distributors at different points in time based on availability. By combining antigen and antibody tests, the methods used optimize physicians being able to distinguish between current and past infection.

Floss Bar has made its service available for all states on the East Coast, plus Indiana, Illinois and Louisiana. Its experts also offer comprehensive back-to-work plans that include 24/7 telehealth availability, temperature checks and sanitation protocol. 

Please see www.mobilecovidtesting.com or contact Zoe Marsh at zoe.marsh@flossbar.com for more information. 

About Floss Bar – Floss Bar is a mobile health care logistics company that offers on-site dental, vision and hearing services at over 100 workplaces in 40 states. For more information, please see www.flossbar.com


Zoe Marsh



Source: Floss Bar