Florida Pool Remodeling Contractors Now Get Exclusive Leads

PoolRemodelingCompanies.com is the first exclusive lead generation website of its kind, offering pool remodeling or patio companies exclusivity in their local area, throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Pool Remodeling Company

Outside of getting referrals, Florida pool remodeling companies seeking to expand their business and increase their customer base had very few options. Some pool renovation companies would purchase leads from HomeAdvisor.com and AngiesList.com which are non-exclusive leads from interested consumers looking to hire a pool contractor. Others had to invest heavily in traditional advertising, that can never offer a measurable ROI.

Now, PoolRemodelingCompanies.com, a South Florida pool remodeling marketing agency, is offering an alternative solution.

Danny Rampelli, CMO of PoolRemodelingCompanies.com and CEO of ReputableSEOMarketing.com, says, "Since we've cracked the code and experienced getting a steady flow of new customers for a South Florida pool remodel company over the last 18 months using SEO marketing, PPC and Big Data for clients, I couldn't ignore the opportunity to be apart of this new lead generation platform, PoolRemodelingCompanies.com."

Their marketing strategy generates high-quality exclusive leads for only one pool and patio remodeling company per city throughout Florida, employing a method called "CBDP" (Customer Demographic Behavioral Patterns). Their website, PoolRemodelingCompanies.com, uses proprietary software that tracks internet behavior and understands when the consumer is looking to make a buying decision. It then advertises a qualified company in front of that internet searcher, who will likely become a qualified lead, that is ready to make buying decisions. This brings business owners a much higher ROI on their marketing dollars, affording them the ability to focus on generating quotes for real buyers, not browsers. In addition, they do not have to compete with other pool companies, unlike the leads from Home Advisor and AngiesList where a minimum of 3-10 other companies will share the same leads.

Their proven marketing formula and proprietary software helped one pool remodeling company in South Florida increase their new customer sales by over $100K per month. The website is now approaching major cities such as Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, and Clearwater. More cities will be added in 2018.

Any pool or patio remodel company can apply to become the exclusive company listed on their website within their city - or even additional cities if they service multiple areas. Each company goes through a screening process to ensure they are a reputable business. They must be in business five years or longer, and have verified reviews along with an A+ BBB rating. The primary goal of this new lead generation service is to put pool remodeling businesses in front of qualified consumers that are actively looking to purchase pool remodel services, in addition to pool decks, pool resurfacing, patios, driveway pavers and walkways. The companies are advertised via organic search results, social media lead generation forms and paid search, through their proprietary systems which reach all the top search engines, Facebook and Instagram.

PoolRemodelingCompanies.com has set out to change the way a pool remodeling company can get leads, and ensure exclusivity of these leads for their company, eliminating competition and increasing profits.

Source: PoolRemodelingCompanies.com

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