Florida Painting Contractors Now Offer Asthma and Allergy Free Paint

Orlando, Florida - The incidence of allergies and asthma is on the rise, with over 60 million Americans now suffering from one or the both of them. So how much worse is it getting?

The answer to that is the number of sufferers has doubled over the last 20 years, a percentage rate that's showing no sign of slowing down.

Then for people who live in states with warm wet climates, such as Florida, it's even worse due to the fact that those are the areas where so many of the allergens, such as mold and plant pollen, tend to propagate.

Research scientists have learned more about allergies over the years but they're far from cracking the code to lead them to a definite cause. In the meantime, studies have provided answers to questions regarding many of the products in our homes that can make life difficult for allergy sufferers, and paint happens to be one of them.

Standard paint is composed of several organic compounds that asthma sufferers can react to, but the worst culprit of them all happens to be VOCs. It stands for volatile organic compounds and don't let the word "organic" fool you either because all VOCs give off noxious fumes.

So now Florida painting contractors are offering an alternative to standard paint for asthma sufferers who are working to provide relief. It's non-VOC paint that also contains additives to prevent mold growth, and to find out more about it, we turned to the customer representative at Orlandopainters.net, wherein we were provided with more information.

He told us that, "Because VOCs penetrate into sheetrock and woodwork in a home, they can take months for them to fully work their way out of a building. All the while in the past, asthma and allergy sufferers had to suffer, wondering what was causing their misery. So now we offer a proven effective solution, and we go further than just the paint because we also use caulk around trim and windows that also contains no VOCs. If you stop and think about it for a moment, for someone who is allergic to volatile organic compounds, given the square footage of wall space in a home, a paint job using standard paint is a one way ticket to misery".

He further went on to point out that dealing with a reputable painting contractor when a home or business owner is having hypoallergenic painting products used is imperative. They're more an expensive product, and with something like this, you really do need 100% assurance that you're getting what you paid for. Offering commercial, residential House Painting and industrial painting services, Central Florida's Superior Coatings, LLC is the #1 most respected and trusted full service painting company in Orlando.

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