Florida Man Vows To Donate One Billion Dollars When Users Sign Up For New Social Media Site

Entrepreneur Nathan Newman introduces social media platform Unscriptid, which seeks to donate one billion dollars in advertising profits to charity.

Unscriptid, a social media platform that seeks to change the landscape of social media as we know it, is preparing to launch its first crowd funding campaign on May 1, 2014. The mission of Unscriptid is to change the way people use social media - specifically spearheading efforts to make social interactions online benefit social change in the world. The new platform features common social media features such as status updates, photo and link sharing capabilities and several new features unique to the platform. More information on how you can get involved in the crowd funding campaign can be found here.

A new privacy feature will allow user posts to be visible to friends only; meaning your boss, Mother or Uncle won't be able to get involved. Users will be able to hold private conversations among individual users or groups of users. A capability unique to Unscriptid, is its rating system, that sorts posts based on user input that determines how important and/or interesting a user deems socially shared content to be. This and other distinctive functionalities are in beta testing with a select group of users currently.

The primary difference between Unscriptid and the current social media kingpins is that Unscriptid is a not for profit organization. Profits gleaned from advertising efforts will be donated to social causes, charities and non-profit organizations chosen by the platform users. Founder Nathan Newman has made it his personal and professional goal to donate one billion dollars in profit from advertising revenue to charities chosen by its users.

"There are a lot of people who are unhappy with the privacy concerns and other limitations associated with existing social media platforms. We seek not only to eliminate those concerns but also to provide a means for the average person to be a part of something much bigger," said Nathan Newman, founder of Unscriptid. "If we bring in a fraction of the profit Facebook has, and donate all of that to causes chosen by our users, can you imagine the impact we would have on the world? By users doing something they're already doing on another platform, the time they spend on social media will now directly result in donations being made to their favorite causes. I believe in there is good in the World and I believe Unscriptid will further prove that."

The initial goal for the crowd funding campaign is $250,000. The campaign will run for 45 days - donations will be accepted starting at $5. Once the campaign is fully funded, donors will be rewarded. A list of incentives for donors can be found here.

Different from other crowd funding campaigns that raise money for a cause, this one sets out to raise money to build and support a platform capable of rapid growth that has the ability to fuel charities with massive donations and provide long term support. Once the platform begins generating profits, users will be able to donate directly to their favorite charities based on their social media activity and be a part of building a platform with true social impact in a positive way.

About The World's Most Generous Social Platform:
Founded in 2014 by Entrepreneur Nathan Newman, Unscriptid is a social media networking platform derived out of Project Change the World, which is dedicated to bringing about social change. All profits generated from advertising profits are donated to various non-profit organizations and charities.

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Blair Nastasi
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