Florida Biotech Creates Care Products for a Canine 'Best-Pal'

"Best-Pal" shampoo and deodorant join the sustainable wellness company's line of high-performing, organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic products

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Florida Biotech today announces the launch of its Best-Pal line of products for dogs and cats. First to market are cleansing products for dogs, designed first and foremost with a dog's health, comfort and well-being in mind. Both the shampoo and deodorant are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and safe if ingested. With a pH neutral to dogs, they are safe and effective for all types of coats and even for sensitive skin. 

Both are made using authentic lavender and are free of parabens, phthalates and ethanol alcohol, which is better for the health of dogs. Competitor products often feature lavender "scents," which make human noses believe it is real ― but canine noses know the difference. Essential oils such as lavender contain natural bacteriostatic and antifungal characteristics, which can ward off harmful pathogens. They also soothe itchy or irritated skin, repel insects, and promote a calming effect for both dogs and their human companions. 

Best-Pal shampoo is designed to be high-lather, quick rinsing and compatible with flea and tick treatments, for easy and thorough baths while moisturizing and detangling dogs' coats. Best-Pal deodorant is organic and designed to be used between baths, neutralizing odors and extending time between shampooing. The shampoo is available in 16-ounce bottles and the deodorant is available in an 18-millimeter "credit card" pocket-size spray, which is convenient to use on the go.

Like all Florida Biotech products, the new dog care products are made in Florida in an ISO-compliant facility. The company reiterates that the underlying science is eco-friendly, the packaging is made of fully reusable and recyclable materials and it uses the lowest carbon footprint supply chain possible because it is made in Florida.

The entire new canine product line includes eye and paw wipes, as well as waterless soap for human hands. When combined with the safe and toxic-free disinfectants from Florida Biotech's sister company, STIZE, these products can cover the full arc of cleanliness for dogs: from what is applied to their bodies, to how clean the products keep their environment, to the amount of toxins they introduce to the house or to the bed.

Florida Biotech is committed to products that are safe for people and to the overall health of our pets while not damaging our environment. Further, Best-Pal is designed with a mission to also help those pets less fortunate by contributing products and funds to support approved animal shelters nationwide.

For more information about Florida Biotech and its Best Pal line of care products for dogs, please visit https://www.bestpalusa.com/.

About Florida Biotech

Florida Biotech researches, innovates, and brings to market sustainable wellness solutions for humans and animals while safeguarding the environment. Its natural/organic compound science outperforms legacy chemicals and has made breakthroughs in antimicrobial molecular biology. For more information on Florida Biotech, please visit https://florida-biotech.com.

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