Florida Based Family Owned Company, Black Oak LED, Unites With Fathom LED to Create a Full Suite of Marine LED Products for Everyone From Recreational Users to Commercial Fishermen

Fathom LED

Recently Black Oak LED has teamed up with a new LED company, also based in Florida, Fathom LED, to flesh out their offerings for the marine industry. “Being that we are based in one of the boating and boat building hotspots of the world, we felt we are uniquely qualified to develop and offer a full line of marine specific products that will outlast and outperform any of the competition. Everyone at Black Oak and Fathom loves being on the water and that in-depth industry knowledge shows in our products,” said Jon Spiller, GM, Black Oak LED,

The newest addition to their marine line that is just being announced, is Fathom LEDs full line of underwater lights. Fathom LED’s offers lights for both surfaced mounting to transoms and hulls of boats as well as dock lights that are mounted to underwater structures to light up the water surrounds docks and marinas. The Underwater boat lights that have just launched, are offered in 3 initial sizes based upon how many high powered LEDs are in the unit. The FL3 contains 3 LEDs, produces 1,500 lumens, the FL6 has 6 high powered LEDs and produces 3200 lumens.

Both the FL12 and the dock light FLD12 have 12 LEDs produce 5,700 lumens. All lights are available in multiple colors including White, Blue, Deep Blue and Green. Fathom LED utilizes Milled AB2 Bronze for the body construction. This is the best metal for extended underwater exposure. All Fathom LED fixtures have a 65° collimator optic with halo effect which produces industry leading water penetration and projection. Fathom LED has created our lights all with built in thermal rollback protection, reverse polarity prevention, low voltage detection, for flawless us in and out of the water. The main face and optics of Fathom LED lights are molded from impact resistant and anti-fouling polymer which is then sealed to the bronze body. Both Fathom LED and Black Oak LED are primed to make a splash in the marine market with this new partnership.  Check out the full suite of underwater lights here.

Black Oak LED Is a family owned and operated company based In Sarasota, Florida. They have specialized in heavy-duty LED lighting for the past 4 years, and the family has been in the LED industry for over 12 years. Black Oak has made a name for itself for offering premium lighting that stands up to the harshest conditions and providing a level of value and safety that is unparalleled.


Jon Spiller, GM
Black Oak LED


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