FloBeds Announces 20th Anniversary of Its Goldilocks Mattress

Goldilocks Was Right

FloBeds for 20 Years

FloBeds celebrates 20 years of delivering sleep around the world with Goldilocks comfort. Through snow, rain, heat, gloom of night or pandemic, the Dream Team at FloBeds.com has been delivering personalized latex mattresses to the sleep deprived worldwide. Newsweek said it about FloBeds in 2002, "Goldilocks was Right", this side is just right, and it will still be true in 2022.

This last year, FloBeds began making a hard maple slatted platform to replace the sturdy ponderosa pine foundations they have offered since 1999. (As always, they come with sturdy straight slats or flexible conforming EuroSlats.) They expanded the Fort Bragg latex warehouse. And they successfully fought their way through a tough supply chain collapse.

The year also brought a shade of reality to the flashy new arrivals to the online mattress business. Long story short: nothing takes the place of top-quality sleep ingredients (natural Talalay latex, organic cotton, organic wool, hard rock maple) and a total commitment to customer service.  As the General Manager Dewey Turner noted: "Where else can you find a company that helps a customer with a 19-year-old latex mattress adjust the firmness to make it just right?" 

FloBeds 2022 resolution is to bring renewed efforts in putting America to sleep and will not rest until its customers rest. And as always, the Dream Team reminds you: Your Dreams May Vary!

Dave Turner, President
FloBeds Personalized Latex Mattresses

Source: FloBeds.com

About FloBeds

FloBeds, The Original Personalized Latex Mattress, has been providing customized sleep since 1971. Their flagship mattress, the vZone Latex Mattress, has been the most popular for over 12 years.

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