Flightandtrip launchs new Colombia Roundtrip

Online travel agent flightandtrip.com is organising fifteen-day vacations to explore Colombia's unique flora and fauna. The adventure starts in the capital, Bogotá, where travellers can get a feel for this vibrant, multicultural city, taking in sights like the gold museum, a mountain-top monastery housing a seventeenth-century statue of Christ, and the historic old town.

The title Nature Paradise really comes into its own in the coffee zone, an area of outstanding beauty with the Andes as a backdrop. From a two-day base in the charming city of Pereira, the party can discover an amazing array of flora and fauna, before relaxing at Santa Rosa's thermal spa, and finishing with chorizos in a local restaurant.

A couple of days spent in Salento and the Valle del Corcora give group members time to browse the artisan shops and cafés, before locally-hired Jeeps transport them to a landscape of giant Quindio wax palms. A coffee hacienda, plantation tour (with flight option), plus a visit to a traditional dwelling, all seek to educate and inform.

Local guides provide an insight into the Andes that so many tourists miss, such as the volcano Nevado del Ruiz. Other highlights include a stay in Cartagena, its historic waterfront offset perfectly by the blue waters of the Caribbean, water-sports on the tropical Islas del Rosario, and crossing the swamplands of Salamanca to Santa Marta, another Caribbean coastal town.

Also on the itinerary is the architectural gem of Zipaquirá, with its elegant colonial buildings, and the nearby phenomenon of an underground salt cathedral created in an old colliery. The holiday ends with a trip to the Tayrona National Park and a hike back in time to the pre-Colombian era at the ruined city of Chairama, built 1,600 years ago.

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