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Flexibeds.ca are the local suppliers of Dorsal electric controlled, adjustable slatted beds. The Italian manufacturer of the new generation of flexible, electric slatted beds is an Italian firm based in Conegliano, Italy. Dorsal has been the recognized leader in adjustable slatted bed systems for many years. There is a fully remote controlled electric bed, offering adjustability even when one is sleeping. The manual adjustable bed has only two areas where it can be changed, the head and feet position and it is adjusted when one is off the bed. The flat slatted bed comes with frames that support the whole body head to feet. All these categories of adjustable beds are available online on the Flexibeds.ca website.

“The Flexibeds.ca electric adjustable beds have become known in other parts of the world as well,” said the Flexibed.ca Area Manager. “We are serving customers from as far as Korea, German, and of course Canada. Our customers know that when sleep cannot be enjoyed because the bed or mattress are not the right types, an adjustable bed that can be repositioned to suit sleep the needs of an individual. Flexibeds.ca. electric adjustable slatted beds are the perfect choice for people with all kinds of sleep troubles, post-surgery patients, people with orthopedic issues problems or those undergoing physiotherapy.” 

When looking to buy a slatted bed, the Dorsal slatted bed should be the first consideration. It has bases that work in synergy with the mattresses to enhance comfort. The beds are made of the most robust, most flexible laminated beech wood in the slats, and strict quality control is used when creating the Dorsal bases which are the reason they are unique in strength and reliability. The slat beds have a look that has been designed to blend in harmony with any furniture style. The X-Point and Butterfly models of the slat beds have added flexible anatomical supports, allowing unmatched flexibility when moving. 

“To have a perfect bed system, one needs to have all the components, the base, mattress, and pillow all working in perfect harmony. If any of the components is not right, then peaceable sleep will not be attainable. In the bed industry, research has shown that synergy between frame, mattress, and pillow is necessary to great sleep because the best mattress alone cannot provide comfort if the base is not right.

Frame, mattress, and pillow must work together in supporting the spine, conforming to its natural shape, and providing elasticity at pressure points, supporting the vertebrae, and producing a stretching effect on them, and relieving the spine of the weight of the body. All this result in the best and healthiest condition for sleep and Dorsal’s focus is in providing the three components offering precisely that combination. These are the perfect bed systems we are proud to supply at Flexibeds.ca.”

Flexibeds.ca also offer Dorsal memory foam mattresses online. The memory foam mattresses are made of odorless foams, honeycomb structure and breathing tubes that give a floating sensation and also contain cooling gels. These mattresses are very popular and beloved by Flexibeds.ca customers.

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Flexibeds.ca is a Canadian based supplier of the best electric beds from Italian manufacturer Dorsal. The company has a showroom at Woodbridge where customers can visit and test the beds for themselves. Flexibeds.ca also offer rental & rent to own programs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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