FleetNurse Appoints New CTO to Accelerate Technological Innovation

New CTO to take FleetNurse from innovative to leading-edge

Today, FleetNurse, a leading on-demand health-tech platform, announced that Eric Bergquist has joined the executive team as Chief Technology Officer. Eric brings to the team deep technical experience — with a background in engineering and experience in designing SaaS solutions parallel to FleetNurse's mission, as well as new energy to propel FleetNurse into its next phase of growth.

Eric has led the technical efforts of multiple successful startups and, with this extensive startup experience, is a comfortable fit for FleetNurse's young but fast-growing model. Prior to FleetNurse, Eric worked as CTO of the startup Gig Biz and helped build a new and unique SaaS platform for the Gig Economy. Eric was also the CTO of Revolution Insurance Technologies where he created and managed the first multi-carrier multi-product insurance SaaS platform. The new CTO will help foster FleetNurse's expansion and software development as the company continues making strides toward becoming the quickest, most dependable solution for healthcare facilities in need.

CEO Israel Angeles commented, "We are excited to welcome Eric to the team. Eric's leadership and innovation, combined with FleetNurse's growth trajectory, will solidify our commitment to improving patient care anytime, anyplace." 

FleetNurse's combination of cutting-edge technology, quality talent, and unmatched customer support provides facilities with the tech-enabled ability to fill a shift at a moment's notice. The company's continued momentum speaks to significant market opportunity and demand for the technology-driven staffing solution that FleetNurse provides. FleetNurse looks forward to enhancing and scaling its current technology and platform with the expertise of the new CTO.

FleetNurse has grown an impressive presence in Houston, Texas, and this success prompted its expansion into other metro areas as well, including Dallas, Texas. This expansion into Dallas can largely be accredited to FleetNurse acquiring Texas Health Resources as a customer. FleetNurse has an unmatched ability to provide dependable, experienced, and credentialed staff to healthcare facilities in need as quickly as possible. The company was created because of a need for qualified, credentialed healthcare professionals in a variety of health systems. FleetNurse is ready to broaden that presence as the company continues to provide staffing support throughout the country.

About FleetNurse 

FleetNurse leans into one of its unassailable advantages, which is its vision: to make life easier for all. The healthcare industry is facing challenges and having to adapt to a new way of staffing. Workforce expectations are changing, and that includes talents' desire for more flexible work options. FleetNurse's on-demand structure assists both healthcare professionals and facilities alike. Not only does FleetNurse provide 24/7 support for scheduling shifts, but the easy-to-use app also saves time, hassle, and stress of filling a last-minute staffing need.

FleetNurse's innovative technology, combined with the company's unwavering commitment to customer service, saves healthcare facilities both time and money compared to traditional agencies. Further, the FleetNurse network is fully credentialed by Joint Commission standards and is available on-demand when a facility needs them most anytime, anyplace. 

For more information, please contact:

Israel Angeles, CEO FleetNurse
Email: iangeles@fleetnurse.com

Source: FleetNurse

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FleetNurse uses innovation and technology to connect health systems to quality healthcare providers on-demand.

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