Flavor Cartridges and Electronic Cigarettes Making a Comeback Reports Liquid Coast

E-Cig Starter Kits take a Giant step Backwards

​​Flavor Cartridges and Electronic Cigarettes Making a Comeback Reports Liquid Coast.  The older more popular name, "Cig a Likes" have made a huge turnaround.

According to Liquid Coast, it's true!  History does repeat itself, even in the electronic cigarette or Vaping industry. Years ago when people were looking to quit smoking or find a healthier alternative they would rush out to the nearest convenience store or gas station and buy a pack of disposable Electronic Cigarettes or Cig a Likes.

The technology it consisted of was a small battery that looked very similar to a conventional cigarette with a cartomizer or Flavor Cartridge that was attached with a small amount of Nicotine.

Flavor Cartridges and Electronic Cigarettes or known as the older more popular name, "Cig a Likes" have made a huge turnaround. It's true! History does repeat itself. even in the electronic cigarette or Vaping industry.

Nick Cerbasio


"You had a choice of either tobacco flavor or menthol. That's it. The cost was about $9.95 and the Ecig would last you a couple hours and then you were out and had to buy a new one," said Nick Cerbasio, a company spokesperson from Liquid Coast. "Now, I must give credit where credit is due. In the metro area NY and NJ a company you're probably familiar with by the name of logic pretty much were the first out there and dominated the market at least in this area."

Then came along a few others and things started to change. "The biggest change was the rechargeable electronic cigarette or "Cig a like" with screw on Flavor Cartridges. I was actually part of that change. I had a different company at that time so I won't say the name and promote it. But I ... We were the first ones to introduce that rechargeable E cig Starter kit and offered a few extra flavors," said Cerbasio.

"We were very inexpensive. Not like our competitor, who was selling their kits for around $70.00 for a beginner kit. We were around $18.00 for a kit that consisted of One Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery. One USB Charger for that battery and 3 Flavor Cartridges. And then the followers came and they kept on coming and then the Cigarette companies got involved because their tobacco cigarette sales were declining. Before you Knew what hit you the market was flooded. Some good and some downright disgusting," said Cerbasio.

Then the market took a major turn, Liquid Coast share that there was someone who was first or who came up with the Idea but it wasn't them. The concept was simple: E liquids that you fill yourself which included bigger batteries that would triple the vaping time and  then of course The vapor shop.

Now, you no longer needed to head to a gas station or even your local convenience store but to your local shop that specializes in vaping. These new stores have people that could answer your specific questions about vaping instead of filling your car with gas or slicing some deli meat.

The biggest benefit from this new change is the availability of E liquids made here in the USA. This is really big because 99.9% of all electronic cigarettes and E liquids come from China. While most hardware still does, consumers can at least can get their e juice here for better quality control.

"We use really good Pharmacopoeia grade ingredients. Basically, we are saying food grade. We are talking about the main ingredients to the E liquid you are vaping. VG and PG Vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol, said Cerbasio. "Here at Liquid Coast we use the finest pharmacopoeia and kosher grade ingredients that money can buy!  And the flavors went from around 3 or 4 Tobaccos and Menthol's  to hundreds and over 1,000 flavor combinations.  We even let you create your own flavor."

Now that you have a little background history, let's get more to the point. As vaping started to gain popularity and the vaporizers became bigger and bigger and bigger. The one time 125 milliamp batteries are now 3000 mAh or milliamp hours. The new cig a likes or pen style vaporizers are now called Mods or Box Mods or Mech Mods and can hold 3 or even four of these 3000 mAh batteries. That's like a car battery!

As technology improves, these more experienced vapers are doing vape tricks and blowing clouds of vapor with them. If you have never been to a cloud competition, try going to one. It's an experience you will never forget. Just be prepared to be in a fog pretty much the whole night. But it is fun.

"Now without going into too much detail, I think by now everyone has heard the term Exploding Electronic cigarette. Well, this is pretty much what is happening. The bigger the battery, the bigger the device, the lower the Ohms. As a result, the more care you must take with proper amperage, battery condition and so on "said Cerbasio" These are things you shouldn't have to worry about if your main concern is to just quit smoking."

And that's where the vaping industry is starting to make a huge turnaround and why at Liquid Coast you can't buy a big Box Mod. We do sell the accessories like Coils and cotton and 18650 batteries. but what we at Liquid Coast specialize in is electronic cigarette Starter Kits. Flavor Cartridges and a thousand Freshly made to order E liquid flavor Combinations. Any VG/PG, any flavor, any nicotine level. We make it right here in the USA of the finest ingredients money can buy. One more thing. All our products are 100% authentic.

"We buy directly from the manufacturer so you can trust you're getting quality Authentic products. If you like value for your money, Liquid Coast is the place for you. All our Flavor Cartridges are pre-filled for you by us with any flavor your heart desires. You no longer have to buy that dried out "sometimes they work, sometimes they don't" Chinese brands. We make them to order and fill every one of them to the brim. So if you are looking for an alternative to traditional cancer sticks ? Give us a try."  And remember at Liquid Coast, "We work hard to earn your Trust," explained Cerbasio.


Source: Liquid Coast

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