Flashintegro Introduces VSDC 9.1: New Transition Addition Methods, RAW/BRAW File Support and Free Waveform

Welcome to the next level of video editing with VSDC's latest release, Version 9.1. Packed with an array of fresh features and enhancements, this update is designed to make your video editing experience more efficient, enjoyable and creative.

VSDC Free Video Editor Promo

In a bold move that sets the new standard for video editing software, Flashintegro announces VSDC Free Video Editor Version 9.1, leaving competitors scrambling in its wake.

RAW/BRAW Support: A Cinematic Leap Forward

VSDC's introduction of .raw and .braw file support is a direct challenge to other competitors, offering users high-quality video editing capabilities without the premium price tag. Blackmagic camera users can now rejoice as VSDC allows for seamless non-linear editing, color grading, and conversion of these high-fidelity formats, something that used to be the exclusive playground of high-end software.

New Video Transitions

Where others offer simplicity but fall short on sophistication, VSDC introduces new, intuitive free video transitions, making professional-looking videos accessible to all. 

Holiday Spirit with Over 70 Christmas Templates

While basic video editors focus on complex color grading, VSDC adds a touch of magic to the holiday season with over 70 Christmas templates. This collection, perfect for festive greetings or year-end recaps, is something its competitors often overlook.

Free Audio Waveform: An Unheard-of Feature

Audio editing in VSDC has received a significant boost with the inclusion of a free Audio Waveform option, making it easier to synchronize audio with visuals. This feature is often hidden behind a paywall in other video editing software.

Advanced Codec Settings: Flexibility Unmatched

With enhanced codec settings for different formats of video and audio, including the addition of FLAC, VSDC 9.1 offers an unmatched level of control over your video format output. This flexibility ensures optimized performance, a feature that competitors struggle to match without additional plugins.

User Customization and Interface Improvements

The update also lets you set up workspaces to your own taste through standardized file selection dialog boxes. These refinements underscore VSDC's commitment to a user-friendly experience, a stark contrast to the often cumbersome interfaces of world-known software.

Why Settle for Less?

VSDC stands out by offering a powerful, user-friendly video editing software. With Version 9.1, VSDC not only challenges the status quo but establishes itself as a professional video editor for creators seeking to unleash their full potential.

Experience VSDC 9.1 Today

Don’t wait any longer. Embrace video editing with VSDC's latest update. Download Version 9.1 from videosoftdev.com and join the revolution. For support and more information, contact our team at support@videosoftdev.com. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for updates and tutorials.

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