Fixx Pharmaceuticals Says Human Embryo Gene Editing Should Wait

Fixx Pharmaceuticals founder, Jesse John Francis Clark, responds to recent report stating that human embryo gene editing isn't safe, yet.

Fixx Pharmaceuticals

On Sept. 3, 2020, several news outlets reported on gene editing when a report was published by the world's leading experts in fertility, ethics and biology. The report has been published by the US National Academy of Medicine, US National Academy of Sciences, and the UK's Royal Society.

It says the technique should not be used to create a pregnancy until it is proved that precise changes can be made without introducing undesired changes. Fixx Pharmaceuticals founder Jesse John Francis Clark agrees. “I believe we should focus all of our attention to the people who were born with a defective gene. We need to help those people first before we make any genetic alterations in human embryos,” Clark said in a statement this morning.

Currently, editing the DNA of a human embryo is not allowed in the US, thanks to a 2017 ruling by the international committee of the National Academy of Sciences.

Crispr-based experiments on human embryos were approved in the UK in 2016 with the stipulation they are never transplanted to create a pregnancy and must be destroyed after a week.

Clark says that “there are a lot of ethical concerns surrounding germline editing—because any modifications can be inherited by future generations. However, gene editing will be incredibly useful to those who have a history of genetic disorders. We are all born on this planet without consent but we can all agree that we would want to be born healthy.”

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