Five Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home

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Owning a firearm comes with a continuing commitment to safety and responsibility. To prevent accidents and misuse, if you own a gun there are safety measures you need to take in your home to protect your family. Below are five tips for firearm safety in your home:

  • Be sure everyone in your home, especially children, understand the safety guidelines concerning firearms. It is important to teach your children that if they find a gun in their home or another person's home to not touch it and alert an adult.
  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This means that the gun is pointed so that even if an accidental discharge occurred, it would not result in injury.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Additionally, you can use a use a gun locking device that renders the firearm inoperable when not in use for added security.
  • Always keep the gun unloaded until it is ready to be used. 
  • Store your firearms in a gun safe, locked cabinet, or storage case when not in use, making sure they are in a location unreachable by children. Store your ammunition in a locked location separate from firearms.

"Gun safety in the home is paramount," said Ken Judd Vice President for Eva-Dry. "Firearm owners must be sure they are taking responsible precautions with firearms in their home at all times."

Gun safety in the home is paramount. Firearm owners must be sure they are taking responsible precautions with firearms in their home at all times.

Ken Judd, Vice President

As mentioned above, securely storing firearms in a lock box, gun case, or gun safe when not in use is a vital element of responsible gun ownership. It is also important to make sure your guns stay free of moisture that could cause damage to the firearm while in storage. You can protect your guns and ammunition from humidity with a gun safe dehumidifier.

Moisture and temperature changes can severely affect the firearms and ammunition stored in your safe, causing them to rust and even corrode. By using a portable dehumidifier to absorb the excess moisture in your safe, you will protect your firearms from unnecessary moisture damage safely and without messy, toxic chemicals. For additional safety tips visit about firearm storage and usage visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

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Since 2003, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have earned their reputation as the safest, healthiest and most efficient method to reduce ambient moisture by providing a higher absorption rate than alternate disposable dehumidifying products. The compact, renewable Eva-Dry units reduce humidity to fight mold, moisture and mildew in homes, boats, RVs, safes, and other valuable item storage. Visit, or call (877) 382-3790 for more information.

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About Eva-Dry

For the past decade, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have been the most efficient way to gather moisture and have an absorption rate much higher than, more traditional (disposable) dehumidifying products on the market through the years and today.

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