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Millions of football fans are set to travel to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018. However, there are several concerns regarding the online privacy of travelers. Research conducted by revealed five major online scams for fans to avoid. These include Lottery & Betting, Online Banking, Public Phones, Russian Visa Online Applications and ATM Scams.

Russia World Cup 2018 is almost here. People from all around the world start arriving in Russia to support their home teams and to enjoy different events. There is no doubt that Russian legal authorities work hard to provide security and take all the vital prerequisites to ensure the safety of fans who are coming to attend World Cup 2018.

However, even after so much planning and strategies used by the Russian government to ensure the security of travelers, online scams are in abundance and could harm travelers.

Research conducted by found five major online scams that should be known to every person who is going to attend the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. So how could travelers face these major scams?

First, lottery and betting scams could manipulate travelers through a message that states: “You have won a large sum of money in the 'International FIFA World Cup Online Lottery.'”

Second, internet banking scams at cafes could snatch massive amounts from travelers' accounts by recording their online banking activities.

A third scam fans can face happens with public phone booths. When the travelers swap their credit card to make a call, there is a possibility that hackers might have installed a bug that records the card information from them.

Fourth, so many people don’t know how to apply for a visa for Russia during World Cup 2018, therefore, there is a huge possibility that travelers could be scammed by fake websites that offer online visa registration.

Fifth, ATM scams are one of the most common scams. Hackers can steal a tremendous amount of money by attaching different gadgets to an ATM, which will snatch travelers’ financial information.

The research conducted by provides informative guidelines for all the travelers who are going to Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018. Unfortunately, is the only platform that focuses on online vulnerabilities that could happen during World Cup 2018.

According to an online privacy expert at, Salman Ahmad, This research was initially conducted to find what might be major online scams during World Cup 2018 in Russia for travelers. But after realizing the importance of this research, our tech experts expanded their research further to turn it into a proper guideline that could help millions of travelers to keep their online privacy secure while traveling in Russia to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018.”


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