Five Facts You Need to Know About Phaze Concrete

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​For more than a decade, Phaze Concrete has been a leader in delivering quality concrete in the construction industry. The company has offices in various locations, as well as having a license to deliver their services to 17 states across the United States, with the bulk of their work being in the western part of the country.

Here are five facts you need to know about Phaze Concrete:

1. Phaze Concrete Implemented Their Own GED Program

In one of the most forward-thinking moves made by a trades-based company, Phaze Concrete inserted the GED Readiness Program. The program prepares apprentices and employees, including their family members, for taking the GED test while continuing to work and make a living.

“We don’t want our employees simply to come to work and earn a paycheck and go home,” says a Phaze Concrete representative during a recent interview.

“We want them to come and have a valuable experience, learning transferable skills that can improve every aspect of their life. Phaze provides the GED readiness course that is available to all employees and family members of our employees,” said the representative.

2. Partnered With Department Of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships

Phaze Concrete makes a commitment to give their employees the most well-rounded industry training available. The company put together a new program, partnered with the Department of Labor’s Department of Apprenticeships, which incorporates practical and theoretical work, helping young workers gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on the construction site.

The Department of Labor recognizes Phaze’s program as one of the 37,000 available in the nation. Currently, 26 workers are enrolled in the cement mason apprenticeship.

“When employees make the commitment to the program, Phaze makes a commitment to them, a Phaze representative adds. Doing the right thing has been an important value for the Phaze team, often going the extra mile to make sure customers get what they expected and have an active involvement with solutions to the daily challenges and hurdles of today’s construction industry,” said the representative.

3. Phaze Revenue Keeps Rising Each Year

Fourteen years into their existence, Phaze Concrete is estimated to generate $148 million in annual revenues.

Phaze started with small projects in Nevada and Utah, working on residential properties and pouring driveways. Gradually, their work on residential was replaced with those of large commercial properties, such as parking garages and even Walmart stores.

With approximately 250 employees, they always promise to deliver projects on time or even earlier, and sometimes under budget. This has allowed Phaze Concrete to become a leader in their industry and be trusted for big projects throughout the Western United States.

4. Phaze Ensures Safety For Employees

The company has always been committed to improving the quality of their work but also increasing efficiency. To achieve this, Phaze Concrete ensures that all employees work together as part of a team so everyone is committed to creating a safe, professional, and pleasant atmosphere where everybody wants to work.

While completing jobs quickly and efficiently, they have kept the high standard of making sure all employees are safe on the construction site.

Their Experience Modification (EMOD) rating currently stands at 0.72%, which shows their commitment to the safety of their employees.

5. Always Looking Forward To The Future

Phaze Concrete is focusing strongly on mobilization, and because they do not use subcontractors but only their own in-house staff, they are always looking for ways to arrange travel and accommodations in an affordable, efficient manner.

While there has been a slowdown in the field of big-box store construction, which happens to be where most of the company’s work is done, Phaze is investing heavily on diversifying the skills of their workforce, so that they are able to meet new and emerging demands.

For Phaze Concrete, the focus has always been on completing jobs on-time and sometimes under budget, but also providing the proper resources for their employees so they can succeed on the construction site and in life.

Source: Phaze Concrete