Fitness Gurus, Szyarto and Kahn, Train NFL Players From Giants, Steelers, and Dolphins

The Duo Will Teach Krav Maga-Based Football Tactics in Prep for Next Season

Fitness gurus Paul Szyarto, co-founder of VMMA, a growing chain of high-intensity interval training martial arts facilities, and Krav Maga expert award-winning author and videographer, David Kahn, have joined forces to train select players of the New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in football combat based on Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a unique form of self-defense hand-to-hand training used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Szyarto and Kahn will arm participants with cutting-edge defense strategies to heighten defensive skills on and off the playing field. The current participants of this training program include a prestigious portfolio of elite players, the most notable being New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon.

[They] wanted the opportunity to work with me so I was like, 'You know what? Might as well give it a shot.' Paul and David came down [to Miami] to work with me on stuff like turning the shoulders and turning certain points on the body to help you get around.

Olivier Vernon, Defensive End for New York Giants

The Krav Maga technique allows one to train their mind and body to be more alert and instinctively react in situations of danger. The training includes visualization and scenario planning to boost confidence, reduce fear, and help to cope with unanticipated or hostile situations. The combination of reducing reaction time and improving movement play a key role in training for the professional athletes.

"[They] wanted the opportunity to work with me so I was like, 'You know what? Might as well give it a shot,'" said Olivier Vernon. "Paul and David came down [to Miami] to work with me on stuff like turning the shoulders and turning certain points on the body to help you get around."

"The NFL requires players not only be physically strong, but also mentally sharp and alert to perform at their highest peaks," said Paul Szyarto, co-founder of VMMA. "Skills acquired through Krav Maga training sessions with David Kahn will give these guys a serious edge over their competitors, and help them prepare to tackle on and off the field head on."

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VMMA is changing how Mixed Martial Arts is taught and how total body fitness is achieved through a unique, expert style of demonstration and instruction. VMMA teaches men, women and children how to use the martial arts to feel stronger, healthier, and more confident inside a cooperative learning environment. It means each student receives a safe classroom in which to learn the arts as well as a professional level of attention to help them reach their fitness and self-defense goals. Learn more by visiting,


Paul Szyarto is globally recognized by companies and research institutions for his project management acumen and experience transforming businesses into successful project organizations and for delivering some of the world's largest project initiatives. Paul's experience in the PM/PPM industry spans 20 years focusing on PM/PPM/IT solutions. He maintains an active Project Management Professional Certification, Microsoft Certified IT Professional for EPM Certification, and an SAP Certified Associate for Project Systems Certification, with an M.S. in Program/Project Management from Brandeis University, an MBA from Oxford University (U.K.), and is a graduate of the prestigious Advanced Management Program from Wharton Business School and the Dale Carnegie School of Leadership. Beyond supporting diverse public and private organizations with transforming their businesses into highly efficient operations, Paul leverages his years of martial arts and tactical training from his military experience to support mentoring entrepreneurs and teaching Krav Maga and tactical training as "The Combat CEO," at any one of his many VMMA franchise locations throughout the Northeast. To learn more about Paul Szyarto, please visit


David Kahn has been labeled the "Bruce Lee" of Krav Maga, providing training to thousands of students globally, including the U.S. Marines Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Navy SEALS, Army Green Berets, Air Force Special Operations, Royal Marines and 130 other state and federal law enforcement agencies. David serves as the IKMA U.S. Chief instructor, Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) board member, and VMMA Krav Maga Master Instructor and received his advanced black belt teaching certifications from Grandmaster Haim Gidon, President of the IKMA, the original Krav Maga association created by Imi Lichtenfield. David's goal in training Krav Maga under Haim Gidon is to continue the tradition of authentic Israeli Krav Maga unlike so many of the other Krav Maga splinter interpretations and organizations in the market today. In addition, David is also a practicing lawyer with degrees from Princeton University and University of Miami School of Law and author of several award-winning books including Krav Maga (St. Martin's Press, 2004, Piatkus Publishers, 2005 and Orana Publishers, 2006); Advanced Krav Maga, (St. Martin's Press, 2008, Atlantic Brown, 2009 and Orana, 2009); Krav Maga Weapon Defenses (YMAA, 2008); Krav Maga Professional Tactics (YMAA, 2016) and Krav Maga Defense (St. Martin's, 2016).

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Source: Paul Szyarto/VMMA