Fitcloudconnect Launches 2.0 and 4 Great New Product Features at Idea World Convention 2017

FitCloudConnect Completes Integration with MindBody Online, POLAR, Zapier, and Launches In-Club Studio People Counter

FitCloudConnect, the fitness industry’s exciting new Online Fitness Platform, to help fitness clubs/studio’s, wellness providers and equipment manufacturers, to quickly and easily kick start their online streaming presence, today announced that as part of their new announced 2.0 product to be released at IDEA World Convention in Las Vegas July 2oth,  they have successfully integrated with MindBody Online, POLAR fitness wearables, Zapier and made available their In-Club Studio People Counter.

The MindBody Online integration allows anyone using the FitCloudConnect platform and the industry-leading MindBody Online software to easily synchronize data with MindBody so as to reduce duplication of efforts in managing the revenue generating online fitness studio capabilities to their existing club operations with MindBody Online. The solution will also support the use of MindBody Online payment gateway.  “We are very excited to have our integration approved as we are now able to continue our support to industry open integrations and the simplification of operations by club owners,” said Brad Weber, CEO of FitCloudConnect. “MindBody Online is a leader in the industry and we believe that FitCloudConnect will offer MindBody customers an easy way to generate new revenue, improve member retention with an integrated solution.”

“Integration with POLAR was a really important first step to uphold our commitment to fitness wearables and overall fitness industry open integration.  POLAR has a great product offering for fitness trackers and offers an API to allow us to synchronize a fitness club members heart rate and calorie burn from performing a workout on our online fitness platform” comments Weber.

  Our integration with Zapier allows us to continue to open our platform to integration partners.  Zapier connects our platform with over 750 web apps for easily for technical or non-technical individuals and organizations. For an organization that wants to take our platform and customize it, and add the latest and greatest technologies, Zapier provides an easy way to get started.

In addition, we are very pleased to announce our People Counter technology for tracking studio attendees in the club and online. Using our Member Insights Analytics Dashboard, operators are able to see how many people were in the online and physical studio in a singular view.

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