FIT Strap - the Watch Strap and Fitness Tracker Combined

FIT Strap

With a wide variety of wearable fitness devices on the market, all allowing users to track their fitness goals, they are left with a dilemma. Already owning a nice watch, why spend hundreds on a second watch in order to get the extra fitness tracking features? Secondly, if they have made that decision, the average life expectancy is less than a year before the latex band perishes, making it unusable. Naustar Ltd has a solution.

FIT Strap ( is a watch strap and fitness tracker combined, turning a user's existing watch into a smart-watch. The strap is made from leather and, together with the device, is durable and waterproof, outlasting expensive alternatives. Fitting is straightforward and with the Velcro, easily adjustable.  

With FIT Strap, users can monitor:

- Steps

- Distance 

- Calories

- Sleep

Controlled via a smartphone app (Apple or Android) they can:

- Track history

- Set vibrating alarms

- Get notifications from their phone

The website provides all the information required and also comes with a free e-book offering dietary and exercise guidance.

With FIT Strap there is no need to spend a fortune to track fitness goals. Furthermore, with FIT Strap the user defines their style with the tracker in the background.

Source: Naustar Ltd

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