First Safety Study on Hemp CBD Published

New Study Proves Safety of ElleVet Hemp CBD in Dogs and Cats

ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet Sciences is pleased to announce the results and publication of the first safety study on the use of hemp CBD/CBDA. ElleVet products are now the only hemp CBD/CBDA products proven both effective and safe for dogs and cats. The 12-week safety study, conducted by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN, DACVSMR, shows the use of ElleVet Sciences’ unique CBD/CBDA blend is safe at a dose of 2mg/kg given twice daily for both dogs and cats. 

“Safety is imperative for any reputable brand of hemp extract, and we are confident that the dosing we recommend is both safe and effective,” said Dr. Wakshlag, Chief Medical Officer at ElleVet Sciences. “The PK data on cats shows there are differences in absorption between cats and dogs and that dosing may be different between these two species and that our chew form is likely to be more absorbable than oils in general. This data gives us confidence in the use of both the chew and the oils as effective means for delivering CBD to your pet.”

“ElleVet puts safety, quality, and science first with our products, and we are very proud that veterinarians and pet owners can feel confident in the safety and accurate dosing of our product for their beloved dogs and cats,” adds Amanda Howland, co-founder of ElleVet Sciences. “We want to caution as well, that these results are true for ElleVet products but all hemp CBD is not the same and the results here cannot be attributed to other products.”

Dr. Wakshlag is well-known in the veterinary medicine community as the first doctor to conduct an efficacy study in dogs in a clinical trial at Cornell using ElleVet CBD/CBDA on dogs with multi-joint discomfort. This study proved the efficacy of ElleVet’s hemp CBD/CBDA. Dr. Wakshlag authored the first published paper on the results of this study in 2018. The clinical trial results confirmed more than 80% of dogs showed significant or dramatic improvement. 

Dr. Wakshlag and ElleVet are currently conducting additional clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of ElleVet hemp CBD/CBDA in other important conditions. These include seizure, oncology, acute pain, and atopic dermatitis, with further trials planned over the next 12-18 months. 

Joseph J. Wakshlag, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN, DACVSMR, is a Professor of Nutrition and Sports Medicine at Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine and Chief Medical Officer at ElleVet Sciences. Dr. Wakshlag is currently available for interviews to discuss the results of the safety study as well as his clinical trials.

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Source: ElleVet Sciences