First Pitch Strike Warm-Up and Recovery DVD and Handbook For All Pitchers Including Santa

First Pitch Strike - Warm-Up and Recovery is a DVD and Handbook that is designed for baseball pitchers to use in their entire career. It includes techniques to prepare the arm before a pitching outing and helping the arm recover afterward

If Santa's is concerne that his throwing arm is getting sore because he will soon be "pitching" so many gifts, then what he needs is a good program to warm-up and prepare his arm before he throws or pitches as well as a program to recover it afterward. The gift Santa and other pitchers need is "First Pitch Strike - Warm-Up and Recovery Program for the Pitching Arm, a DVD and Handbook set from from Angel Borrelli of GymScience™ Sport Performance. It is that one gift that will last for the entire pitcher's career. Start using it in December as a conditioning program for both arms and any pitcher will be in the best shape ever for the upcoming season.

"Whether you or the pitcher in your life is a Little Leaguer, Big Leaguer or college player, then you know that now, in the off season, is the time when you're putting in hours of training. Why not begin to prepare your shoulders, elbow, and forearm for when the season starts," explained sport kinesiologist Angel Borrelli of Pleasant Hill, California. "The lightweight tubing exercises I included in this DVD and workbook are designed to be done before and after each time you pitch. It will not only prepare you for your pitching but because the motions are so matched to the pitching motion, it will help you be ready sooner and offset many of the stresses of pitching."

The 30-minute DVD program teaches the exercises as well as the issues related to posture and positioning during performance of the various exercises. It is detailed and matched to the physiological and muscular needs of the pitcher when he is warming up. Moreover, it is kinesiologically sound with an emphasis on scapular stabilization as well as shoulder, elbow, and forearm preparation.

Throughout the program, Borrelli, who has taught aspiring pitchers for more than 16 years, including many who have made it to the major leagues, explains through demonstrations the essential techniques of performance to insure that the objective of the exercise is being accomplished efficiently and effectively.

The most unique part of the program is the also inclusion of a recovery program to be done immediately following pitching. Because of the importance of restoration, Borrelli notes that she designed the program to take advantage of the unique window of opportunity each pitcher has immediately following his pitching where, if he does the right movements, he can enhance restoration to his tissues. Recovery between bouts is critical to longevity, injury prevention, and the ability to repeat solid performances over and over again.

The DVD and Workbook are sold as a package for $97 and are a resource every pitcher will use over and over again. They can be purchased directly at or by calling 925/687-1977 .

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