First Lithium Portal: Covering 'New Oil'

Lithium Today is the first portal solely dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the lithium market and industry.

Since Lithium Today strongly believes that lithium is going to become a "new oil," the company thinks it deserves independent coverage - after all, there are numerous publications on the market dedicated exclusively to the oil industry.

Our major point of differentiation from other publications is that Lithium Today aims to target a wider audience rather than a narrow community of commodity/mining/chemicals professionals. The lithium revolution turns out to be of high interest to society.

Lithium Today believes that currently there is much that can be done for the lithium sector in terms of provision of information to the market participants, stakeholders and general public as well as its further legitimization. Demand for lithium depends on the approach of consumers and policymakers. Lithium market participants should possess a common platform that would help to shape the view of all stakeholders towards the sector. Lithium Today aims to provide such a platform. 

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