First Line Promotions Opens San Diego Office, Hiring

First Line Promotions, a premier interactive marketing firm, recently opened a new office in San Diego. The firm's manager announced that due to the expansion, recruitment efforts are now underway to build the location's team.

“San Diego is a booming market,” stated Ty, First Line Promotion’s Director of Operations. “We anticipate that we’ll have great success in this region due to the rapid growth of business in this area.”

Ty noted that the First Line Promotions team is preparing to launch new campaigns soon. “We’re acquiring exciting new partnerships every day,” he said. “As such, we’re continually building our techniques to help grow brands and provide more people with access to some of the hottest recreational opportunities in town. San Diego is teeming with great sports teams and entertainment venues. We couldn’t ask for a better location to open an office. There’s no doubt we’ll thrive here.”

In order to serve the increased business, Ty announced that the firm is currently recruiting new associates. “We’re looking for enthusiastic young professionals with a penchant for success,” he said. “Our team members are among the brightest minds in this industry and we’re looking to add other individuals who can match their energy levels and be part of this growing office.”

"We really look for people who will be a good fit with our current team," he added.


Director of Operations

As Ty noted, extensive experience isn’t necessary. “We’re looking more for success traits such as positive attitude, a growth-oriented mind-set, innovative thinking, and personable attributes,” he said. “Our firm has a strong team-based culture, so we give preference to candidates who demonstrate that they can be collaborative and work well with others.”

“We really look for people who will be a good fit with our current team,” he added.

First Line Promotions Managers Explain Why the Firm Is a Great Place to Work


Ty shared that First Line Promotion’s company culture is one of the things that attracts talented individuals to the firm. “We do put emphasis on the fact that we all win when we work together,” he said. “We establish goals so that while individuals are able to become their personal best, everyone is encouraged to support each other by working toward common objectives that we’ve established. As a result, people tend to lift each other rather than compete against teammates. Our success is a testament to this culture.”

Training and peer-to-peer coaching are very much part of what builds confidence, according to Ty. “We diligently train new associates by pairing them up with seasoned executives who help them build their skills and knowledge in a hands-on environment,” he said. “Our training is ongoing, too. Everyone is learning from each other and industry leaders so that we’re always up-to-date on the latest techniques. Our advancement opportunities are phenomenal.”

“We have a lot of perks here, too,” Ty concluded. “From travel rewards to fun team nights with lots of great bonding, we’re a happy crew.”

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First Line Promotions is a leader in customer acquisitions. The firm’s team specializes in innovative solutions that put services at the market forefront. With top-line partnerships and a unique approach to outreach, they attain results in no time. First Line Promotions uses methods that connect brands and consumers while driving long-term profit increases. Backed by an easily scaled model, they’ve represented both start-ups and Fortune 500 firms with the same professional excellence. Learn more about their growth-oriented strategy at

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