First Independent Presidential Debate Jan 28th

As Change the Rule, is pushing for the CPD to include independent candidates in debates, the top candidates plan their own.

In direct response to being frozen out of the current Presidential Debates under rules established by the little known Commission on Presidential Debates and in response to the calls for rule reform by such entities as, and a host of  of policymakers, politicians, military leaders, diplomats and academics, several political parties have joined forces to hold a series of  Independent Presidential Debates.

It has been 23 years since an Independent Candidate shared a Presidential Debate stage and under the current rules they never will. Declared Independent Presidential candidates from around the country will come together and debate the issues that affect our nation to make themselves known to the American Voter. Debate Organizers are planning to broadcast the debate live online and are still in discussion with several news organizations to air over television and radio.

The first official Independent Presidential Debate of 2016 will be held Thursday January 28, 2016 6pm at The Reeves Uptown Conference Center 1639 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601. It will be hosted By The National Whig Party and moderated by Derick Kee,President The V.I.S.A. Coalition and Jackie Semien,former Anchor of ABC News affiliate KBMT

Confirmed Debating Declared Presidential Candidates are:

Dr.Jill Stein

John Fitzgerald Johnson

Robert Dionisio

Verone Thomas

Chris Keniston

Val Kittington

Lynn S. Kahn

Zoltan Istvan

Roger E. Nicholas

Darryl W. Perry

Rhett Smith

For More Information Please contact The Independent Presidential Debates 2016 Team at

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Hosting Organization for The Official 2016 Independent Presidential Debates and Townhalls

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