First in the Nation Training for All Professional Staff Increases Wellness of California Public Safety Departments

Pathfinder Resilience

Three California Public Safety departments are the first in the nation to offer wellness and resilience training to all professional staff. The San Francisco Sheriff's Department, UC Davis Police Department, and the Los Angeles Police Department Communications Division have all chosen Navigating Adversity from Pathfinder Resilience to provide comprehensive health and wellness training on a department-wide basis.  

Every participant learns to assess their own needs and gain the understanding and tools to create and sustain a healthy and fulfilling life. Certified Mentors from the Public Safety field counsel and guide trainees each week through the 100% online program, a comprehensive eight-week virtual training curriculum that defines wellness in terms of the eight pillars of human health and behavior. The eight pillars that are covered are Psychological, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, Professional and Financial.

According to San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Navigating Adversity was chosen as the first department-wide wellness training program for three main reasons: 

"When we made the decision to go with Navigating Adversity, we recognized that this program was very different from others that were available. Three things stood out. First, this program is multidimensional and covers all the wellness pillars that work together to impact a person's wellbeing and health. Second, every trainee works with a mentor and these mentors have a Public Safety background, so they understand the challenges faced by First Responders day in and day out. And third, Navigating Adversity was developed not only to be an evidence-based resource but one with continuous validation and improvement as a cornerstone of its curriculum. This is particularly essential for Public Safety professionals because it specifically deals directly with the issues and stress we face.  We are very pleased with the results not only for each of our professionals but also the very positive impact the training has had on our entire department as we experienced significant improvements in wellness across the board."

From early 2021, over 1,000 law enforcement professionals from the three departments have completed the training program and were joined by First Responder professionals from the San Diego Police Department and the San Francisco Police Department. Learn more about Navigating Adversity at or call Dr. Renee Thornton at (812) 345-6284.

Source: Pathfinder Resilience