First Fitness and Business Conference

Fitness and business conference will be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre and Nic Jarvis will be the special guest for the event.

EIF (European Institute of Fitness) has many years of expertise in providing fitness training to people from around the world. It trains students to excel as a personal trainer and its courses are recognised by various high level certifications.

Darren Tebbenham, CEO and founder says that, "We are going to be conducting our first fitness and business conference At EIF Lilleshall on the 19th of February. It is the first time we have held a conference of this type about Fitness and Business. Darren added that, "We are one of the leaders in providing high class fitness training in the world today. Many students who have been graduated from our institute are enjoying great success in various organizations around the world. We provide right method of training by the right people that makes our graduates to stand out from the crowd."

"We would love to see all former graduates in our conference, but we welcome anyone else interested in Fitness and Business. The Friday night session is a special session and the guest of honour will be Nic Jarvis the world renowned fitness trainer. He will be presenting on "how to strengthen your fitness business". Darren also said that, "Saturday will be the right time to catch up with your fellow master trainer graduates and to refresh your practical and coaching skills."

It is a cost effective event and Lilleshall National Sports Centre can be easily accessed by both train and road. It is just off the M54 drive. Never miss the event as it is the First Fitness and Business Conference of this type.

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The European Institute of Fitness National School of Excellence for personal training can be found at the Lilleshall National Sports Centre. Visit their website for more details on the Fitness and Business Conference


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