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​Consumer Bank Report, LLC has released the first-ever public compendium of consumer banks in the United States, empowering consumers to discover the best banking options in their area.

Consumers have historically had a difficult time finding the differences between their local banks. With free access to Consumer Bank Report, this all changes. With access to over 10,000 unique brands, consumers now have the option to find a bank that best fits their unique situation.

Nancy Dulph, a 30-year-old mother in Orange, New Jersey, found her ideal bank using, “I’ve always used Bank Of America, but due to their high fees for almost anything that can happen, I was forced to give up my bank account that I had since I was a child and find a new one!”

Consumers unhappy with their banking options is a growing trend in 2020. With ever-increasing checking and savings fees, and barriers to get approved for credit, the average American is finding themselves unsatisfied with their existing bank.

Consumer Bank Report looks to remedy this situation, empowering the average American to easily find a bank that works for them and their family, without going through the tedious process of walking into each bank and asking for that information in-person.

As the consumer banking and finance industry grows, the need for new lead channels and assets has increased dramatically. Consumer Bank Report, LLC and its sister companies are providing solutions to these problems, providing all types of lending companies new opportunities in the space.

// Alex Brola
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Disclosure: Consumer Bank Report and Credit Glory were co-founded by Alex Brola.

Source: Consumer Bank Report, LLC