First Ever One-Piece, Slip on Frame for Canvas Artwork

Firefighter and career marketer invent revolutionary frames that fit canvas artwork the way a phone case fits a smartphone.

Canvas print in frame by Frames4Canvas

Frames4Canvas Inc., a startup company located in Vancouver, Canada, today announced it is live on Kickstarter, featuring 14 popular sizes of the world’s first one-piece, reusable, slip-on foam frame made exclusively for canvas art. The company chose Kickstarter’s audience of creative followers to test the concept and get early feedback.

Frames4Canvas are made of a dense, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam commonly found in flooring, sports equipment, crafts, and set designs. Frames are cut to fit common canvas print sizes and have a snug, friction-fit grip around the edges of a canvas. Canvas owners simply slide their artwork into the frame opening, resting the back of the canvas on a foam ledge, and hang using the hardware attached to the canvas. The whole process can be done in seconds.

At launch, frames will be produced in a basic square-cut, black design but will evolve to include multiple colors and styles. Frames4Canvas have 2-inch width edges, provide a 3-D effect for canvases with depths greater than ¾-inch, and can be used over and over again for different prints. Founders look to the Kickstarter and painting party audiences to guide the next generation of frame colors and shapes.

Canvas prints, which now account for more than 12% of the online photo printing market in the U.S., continue to grow in popularity as everyone from mom’s to professional photographers can print photos onto canvas and use as decor. Also fueling the need for inexpensive, re-useable, DIY frames is the exploding market of painting parties by organizations like Paint Nite, Painting With a Twist, Pinot’s Palette, and Wine and Design, where millions of amateur artists paint 16x20 paintings every day for fun and entertainment.

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Frames4Canvas is a Vancouver-based startup providing one-piece, reusable DIY frames exclusively for canvas artwork.

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